Successful Business and Fitness Habits

Anthony Balduzzi has made a career out of helping busy fathers get fit. Several curated habits have led to his financial and fitness success. You don’t need to turn off your entrepreneur brain to achieve a healthy lifestyle — in fact, you should use it to your benefit. Create an SOP for health in your life by integrating a balanced diet, exercise, and sleep plan that you can rely on so you create active habits, not reactive responses.

The symbiosis between your healthy habits and business brain can only increase the success in your life. Keeping that balance in mind, Dr. Anthony had some really great tips for practical thought processes to better your online marketplace strategy. One of the reasons the Fit Father Project is so successful is that it is a personal passion project for Dr. Anthony. He knows and cares about his clients, and he continues to pursue knowing his clients on a deeper level even though they’re on the other side of a computer screen. Here are the strategies he used to achieve that personal feel with the Fit Father Project…

Get Specific with who you’re targeting. By creating a niche audience, you can tailor an intentional buying experience with a product designed to solve the exact problem they have. The more you care about their heart and make it known that you care about addressing something that is actually affecting them, the better off you’re going to be.

Build your blockbuster product around the most relevant issue your customers face. Dr. Anthony’s clients are fathers with limited time and energy to devote to personal health, so he tailored his program to give clients efficient workouts, simple meal plans, and a regimented sleep schedule which gave his clients more energy and time to be with their family.

If you focus exclusively on one specific problem, you’ll be able to develop a solution people get excited about and want to share with other people because it has added so much value to their lives. The more word-of-mouth referrals, the better!

Create a recurring subscription model for the other items you offer. If your customers have a successful and positive experience with your front end product, they will be more likely to engage in a recurring subscription, because they trust you and know the value they will get out of it.

Dr. Anthony created the Fit Father For Life course as a subscription model for continued guidance and support in an ongoing healthy lifestyle. The model acknowledges and respects the customer journey and gives deeper resources and accountability so the customer isn’t left alone without any help after finishing this massive health overhaul.

Own your long tail keywords and continue building content, whether it is articles, videos, or ebooks around them. If you’re in a niche market and you don’t own that long tail keyword, you’re going to struggle, because people won’t be directed to you as an expert in your arena.

Strike a balance between your tech and your customer service. “We let the technology sit in the front as the baseline, and we have amazing humans with big hearts on the sidelines being like, ‘Okay, here’s how I can help you here.’”

Dr. Anthony was able to build a membership site on scalable software, sending accountability emails in a sequential follow-up pattern, so if a client isn’t engaging, someone from his team knows to get on the phone and check in. That accountability and personal interaction have been a key part of Fit Father Project’s success.

In light of all the fantastic business advice Dr. Anthony dished, remember, “there’s not a single thing that you will do in your business career that isn’t going to be amplified by having greater presence, greater energy, greater focus, and walking in a room and having a body that reflects how you feel on the inside as presented on the outside.” Use your entrepreneurial drive and focus to incorporate a healthy lifestyle today.

To find out more about Dr. Anthony’s work, head to or find them on Instagram @FitFatherProject and Twitter @FitFatherProj, and check out their videos on YouTube.


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