Suneet Kumar Singh – a Copywriter Turned Marketing Consultant runs two Leading Agencies

A copywriter by profession and a traveler by passion, Suneet is one of the best content writers in India, having served almost of all type of domains in his experience of more than a decade. His professional journey has been a roller coaster ride, an English graduate from Lucknow University who went for a management degree from Chandigarh University, never participated in college placements because he was very sure that he is not made for a regular 9 to 5 job thing. He started freelance writing while he was pursuing his masters and that gave him the much-needed confidence to ditch the placements and go find his own way.

While writing articles and content for start-ups and agencies he learnt more about advertising and digital marketing. He even built his own website on Word Press, all on his own by reading articles and watching YouTube videos. He also promoted his own website which ranked on the top of Google for many years with “content writer in India” keyword.

He shared his journey of LinkedIn, how he leveraged his profile by optimizing it to get queries related to writing and editing. He has more than 12,000 connections on LinkedIn including some of the top entrepreneurs of India. At one point of time, he was getting 5-10 queries of freelance copywriting from his LinkedIn profile, which ranked on the top of Google Search Page Results with “content writer in India” keyword, above his own website.

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While working with different advertising and digital agencies, he understood how this industry runs and slowly he started consulting his clients for digital marketing, branding and advertising. He always has this vision to run an agency and he started his own Content Writing Agency – Contentholic, which became popular in the industry soon because of its catchy name.

The agency ranked on the top with all the business keywords, all because of his sound understanding of digital marketing and search engine optimization and got queries of almost all the leading starts-ups of India like – Oyo, UrbanClap, MakeMyTrip, AirBNB, 1MG and also from very established brands and organizations like – Bilt, Luxor, Patanjali, India Gate, Sleepwell, Modiguard, Ministry of Ayush & Assocham, etc.

After working with some of top-notch brands of India, he also worked for Ad Scripts and Ad Copies for some brands. From one of the leading FMCG brand, he moved into events management as a part of complete branding and advertising campaign, that was to be launched PAN India. He travelled all across India doing their conferences and product launch activities.

Then he got the opportunity to work for photo shoot and ad film production for a brand and he never let any big opportunity go in vein. He started liking his work and he shared how he encashed every single opportunity to learn and enter into a new domain without facing much difficulties. He says that a man can do anything, if his will is stronger than the difficulties coming his way.

His agency Contentholic was the India’s first agency which started offering a professional ghost writing services, when no other agency was offering any such service. He always explored new things to offer in the market and Contentholic was also the first agency in India which started offering – SOP writing services in India, formally.

Now, the agency offers 360 degree solutions in the digital and content space. After Contentholic, he also started his own branding and influencer marketing agency – Brandholic, which was the first agency to offer listings to the bloggers and influencers category wise.

“Influencer marketing is one of the most rising tools in the world of marketing and advertising but yet its potential is to be capitalized”, he shared. Most of the agencies are not able to make the most of their campaigns because of lack of knowledge and understanding and thus they present a manipulated report at the end of the campaign just to make the client happy.

There are not many tools available, even in the global market, which can measure the efficacy of the influencer marketing campaigns. Brandholic is working on such a tool which can actually help brands and advertisers to search the influencers who can the best fit for their brand and will provide the detailed insight of the campaigns’ ROI.

Apart from writing, Suneet loves travelling solo and has covered most of the famous travel places of India. His love for travel was developed after his associations with many travel startups for whom he has written and did many marketing campaigns. He believes in sustainable eco-tourism tourism and loves to explore homestays & hostels, rather than luxury hotels as these hotels are same everywhere, but local flavor of every destination can be only felt through local people and authentic local food and recipes.

The story of Suneet – how a copywriter turned into a marketing and branding consultant and running two successful agencies in India, is a great inspiration for many youngsters who have their apprehensions to go for their own startup, leaving the idea of 9 to 5 job.

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