Tabr News: How Aryaan Arora and Sam Bertini Created One of the Most Notable Media Outlets of 2020

Becoming One Of The Most Notable Media Companies of 2020

Tabr News has yet again proven to be one of the most notable media companies of the year. Its growth has been unmatchable with Aryaan Arora and Sam Bertini of The Arora Company constantly breaking worldwide records. In fact, within only a few weeks of launching, the website has garnered millions of visitors from over 45 countries. Due to their immense success, Tabr founders have already started to expand the organization into new areas of the Mass Media Industry.

According to Yahoo Finance, “They intend to expand the Tabr conglomerate far beyond just news and are already planning the launch of a YouTube channel and have several apps in the works.”

With Financial Freedom Comes Social Responsibility

In addition, Tabr founders have also reportedly donated a portion of their profits to COVID grants in New York and New Jersey. According to The Statesman, “Bertini and Arora specified that their donations will be split between supporting the unemployed who have been most negatively affected by COVID and aiding the rollout of vaccines, which are expected to be available within weeks and rolled out en masse within months.”

The reason they have decided to take this step is first and foremost due to the devastation wreaked upon Aryaan’s home state New Jersey during the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. His partner Sam Bertini has openly stated in an interview that “A company is not solely a money-making machine, where profits dictate every aspect of your conduct. It is instead an institution with a great responsibility to serve the community it is surrounded by. When your business flourishes, so too must your neighbors.”

Going Viral On Facebook and Instagram

Tabr’s social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram have also gone viral, amassing thousands of followers daily. It can easily be assumed that they will have over a hundred thousand followers on Tabr’s social media pages, if not a million, just within a year.

How It All Started

Arora and Bertini met at NYU in an Economics class and soon became close friends, working on multiple projects and ventures together.

Several months later, Arora invited Bertini to join The Arora Company, which he had been motivated to start because of his desire to bolster the economy in his native New Jersey. Bertini was soon appointed as Chief Operating Officer at the company, working together with Chief Executive Officer Arora to generate over a million dollars in revenue for their clients. They then started Tabr together.

About Founder Aryaan Arora

Aryaan Arora is a New York-based artist, investor, and media proprietor. He is best known as the Founder & CEO of The Arora Company, an American Public Relations and Marketing Consultancy Firm. Alongside Sam Bertini, he has also founded Tabr, the highly acclaimed Mass Media and Entertainment Conglomerate Headquartered in New York City. Aryaan is currently signed with Bonnie Shumofsky Bloom of Stewart Talent Agency and is enrolled at New York University where he is pursuing a double major in Economics and Finance. He is managed by Paula Curcuru of Prestige Management Group.

About Co-Founder and CEO Sam Bertini

Sam Bertini is a New York-based business magnate, bestselling author, and model. He is the Founder and CEO of Tabr, a media, news, and entertainment conglomerate headquartered in New York City. He is currently pursuing a B.A. in Economics at New York University, where he is set to graduate with honors. His highly-anticipated debut novel ‘On Art’ will be released soon.

Sam Bertini was born in Manama, Bahrain on August 3rd, 1999 to a Spanish-Italian father and a Lebanese-American mother and grew up in Dubai. Standing at 6’3 (191cm), he has recently gone viral on social media for his modeling photos. His short stories and poetry have also been published online to a wide readership.

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