Taking Over the Fashion World With “Niviour” is Niveen Abdalrhman

It is always quite surreal to learn and know about all those individuals across industries and fields that aim to do the different and exhibit their uniqueness in their respective niches. These individuals radiate a certain level of brilliance because they trust their dreams and instincts and make brave decisions in life much early that help them gain the success they desire while still being youngsters.

The fashion world is one that so far has welcomed innumerable such talents, but some have gone ahead in totally astounding people with their incredible talent and skills. One such highly passionate and driven youngster is Niveen Abdalrhman. She is a 23-year-old rising entrepreneur from New York City.

From the beginning, if anything that attracted her the most, it was all things creative; however, after her academic career, she worked at a performance marketing company but soon realized that’s not what her heart sought. The fashion space was where her heart was hooked on to and hence, she decided to be a part of the same.

During the pandemic, amidst quarantine, she took the plunge and started working towards laying the foundation of her fashion dream, consisting of calligraphy, streetwear fashion, and self-love, and this led her to start her brand named ‘Niviour’.

Niviour is her brainchild, which is a combination of her name and the word ‘Saviour’, and it represents the importance of self-love and realizing only you can save yourself. Each of her collection symbolizes the same.

In 2018, Niveen began with her Instagram influencer page, focusing on fashion and exploring several other streetwear styles. During this time, Niveen realized how passionate she felt for fashion and realized her potential in the same. Hence, becoming a fashion influencer catapulted her to fame by becoming the entrepreneur and founder of her brand that she is today.

Ask her what’s unique about Niviour and the young fashion talent says that they emphasize on making high-quality luxury streetwear at affordable rates. From slim fit joggers to 3D puff raised embroidery on hoodies and joggers, everything breathes unique at Niviour, says Niveen, which she is extremely proud of as well. The young fashion entrepreneur believes that the key to scaling her business lies in social media.

She highlights that having a high-quality product is essential, but apart from that, the way advertising, transactions and customer service is delivered through social media also plays a crucial role in scaling a business, more for small businesses like Niviour. The brand raised the bar for others in only a few months of getting launched and is now rising to be one of the most talked-about for its unique streetwear luxury collection.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @niveenx and visit her website.

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