Talking to Ishtiaque Hasan, a Bangladeshi Musical artist & Founder CEO of Setu Music Station.

Ishtiaque Hasan is a Bangladeshi youth musician. He is 22 years, born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is also the founder CEO of Setu Music Station which is working with upcoming potential talents. From an early age, he wanted to do something different as well as modern. And now he is almost successful too. He told us about his future plan around his company.

Setu Music Station.

With the aim of promoting Bangladesh’s music to an appropriate place, a new audition company named Setu Music Station is going to start its journey from today. On this occasion, the company has organized a grandiose program at a restaurant in the capital today in the evening. The event will be attended by noted exponents, singers, and musicians from the country’s music scene. Ishtiaque Hasan, the owner of the audio company, said, “We are set to begin our journey with the goal of making sure fundamental cultural development and taking Bangla songs to the international standard. Besides working with the established artists, Setu Music Station also works to provide a platform for the latent music talents spreading all over the country

Brazil or Argentina?

Argentina! However, I wouldn’t resort to an all-out-fight over who is better. I am just a casual fan.

Tea or coffee?

Tea, any time any place! I am known as a ‘chaa-khor (tea crazy) ‘ amongst my friends and I am simply crazy about milk tea.

Favorite fruit?

Lychee, obviously! (Laughs) However, I like Lychee as well, but ‘lychee squad’ does not sound quite right!

Describe yourself in one word.

Honest. I believe I used to honest about everything, whether as a person or at work.

What’s your future plan?

My future plan as well as my dream is to increase Setu Music Station’s sphere & is to be committed to create employment on music based. Besides, It will uphold Bangladeshi songs across the world.

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