Tame Anxiety Using Align by Design

Align by Design uses an ancient mixed modern-science system downloaded by Ra Uru Hu, which includes astrology, the I Ching, quantum physics, the Chakras and the Kabbalah. Anxiety is a huge signpost and a red alarm for you to be diving deeper into your own alignment. There’s a reason why you don’t want to feel anxiety and that’s because you’re not designed to. Co-founder Amy Elizabeth states that in Human Design, you can identify places in a person’s chart where anxiety may pop up. But, when looking at a Human Design chart, it’s clear that living in a state of anxiety is not a normal state of living. Looking deeper into your personal human design chart can provide you with a guide for navigating your anxiety. There’s no one-size-fits-all here, but the most vulnerable are the ones who are going to step into their power.

Amy says, “Human Design shows us our energetic blueprint of how we’re meant to operate to our fullest potential, what we should be aware of and the tools to align with so we can become our most powerful, authentic self. Your own chart is COMPLETELY unique to you. Anxiety is the final result of something not being correct or aligned in our bodies. We are most likely not trusting our Human Design authority, are not aligned in our Human Design energy type, and are most likely working out of centers that are opened or undefined. Emotions and anxiety are keys that we need to be looking deeper into our own beings, how we’re operating in the world, what we’re taking in from other people, and how we feel about the things in our lives. The actual symptom of anxiety is the final factor that we’ve been ignoring something inside of ourselves. The more we ignore our true feelings, we will receive the physical response of anxiety more and more.”

Below she explains the five main energy types, and each type has a special unique energy we all benefit from.

Manifestors are here to initiate and get things started, bringing new ideas and concepts to the world. They’re designed to work and act independently. Manifestors make up 9 percent of the population. Nike’s “Just do it” is your slogan.

Generators are the life force of the population who are designed to work and to love the work they do—their work (if aligned) lights them up and creates more energy for them. They need to ensure they are not doing something because they “should”, rather follow what’s fun and exciting for them. Generators make up 33 percent of the population.

Manifesting Generators are similar to generators. They love to work! They have so many different passions and are the life of the party, bring all the vibes!  They are known for their ability to bring things to life quickly and efficiently. Manifesting generators make up 37 percent of the population.

Projectors are natural leaders and guides. They are not designed to do all the doing. They are designed to see deeply into others, see systems others don’t see, and create efficiency. They need to be seen, heard and recognized for what they do and their passion. They make up 20 percent of the population.

Reflectors are the most rare, at 1 percent of the population. They mirror back the energy around them. They are great facilitators and evaluators, able to offer a perspective that’s unique and different, and are able to see the things that often go unnoticed. Their environment and community have a massive impact on their energy and being.

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