Tamilglitz – Largest and Fastest Growing Hyperlocal News Brand of Tamil Nadu

The budding engineers Rahul Bala, Mohammed Arqum, Felix B realized that the media is an evergreen industry, and they are passionate about it. The brave engineers took a rather unconventional step of starting a company focusing on the media industry. That’s how TamilGlitz was founded.

In June 2015, the trio launched their tech-based startup. With six years down, the startup has achieved a lot of milestones. TamilGlitz is one of the largest digital tech-based companies that works on providing credible Tamil Cinema news, TV updates, current affairs, sports, and a lot more. The dynamic team at TamilGlitz is involved in producing original infotainment regional content, instant Tamil cinema/TV news with reliable source covers Kollywood events & press meets, public reviews.

TamilGlitz doesn’t just provide news and biographies or movie reviews. They have collaborated with the big wigs of the industry. They have worked together with great production houses to release their movie scenes, trailers, and teasers on Facebook and have also covered public speeches to their regional loyal followers for the past 5 years. A company that devoted itself to its followers is bound to be successful. 

What is the measure of success of a startup according to you? Is it the number of followers or the awards? Well, TamilGlitz is excelling in both. The company has been working on digital platforms for the past seven years, their network has an aggregate of 5 million regional followers on Facebook. TamilGlitz’s official Facebook page has 1.1 million highly engaged followers, who are hooked to their content. 

TamilGlitz has garnered awards and followers for its top-notch news and content. They have been awarded the Young Startup award. It proves how remarkable they are with their work. Also, within just two years of commencement, they have been named as one of the leading Digital News Content Creators. 

TamilGlitz is one of the trusted sites for movie reviews that are into promoting multiple Tamil cinemas to the right set of audiences and projects real news and creates discussions on social media.

Do you want to know what your favorite actor likes to eat? Or do you want to know the review of the latest movies? Or do you want authentic regional news to reach you? Well, TamilGlitz is your one-stop website for everything above.

TamilGlitz has a lot of big plans for its future growth. They have plans to make digital news content easily readable and accessible to every corner of Tamil Nadu. The company has innovative ideas for creating original content to make people understand the real news and document the happenings of news in detail. TamilGlitz aims to be the first to update authentic accurate information to the Tamil-speaking community. At present, they are concentrating more on hyperlocal news and measuring its impact. 

TamilGlitz has surely changed how the digital content industry works. They are the pioneer of providing only authentic, crisp, and engaging content to their audience. If you don’t want to miss out on any regional Tamil news, then you ought to follow the TamilGlitz to stay updated.

For more info about TamilGlitz Contact:

Twitter: @TamilGlitzin

Facebook: TamilGlitz.in

Instagram: @tamilglitz.in

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