TAP Protocol Set To Unleash Bitcoin’s Potential


The TAP Protocol is emerging as one of the most exciting and highly anticipated initiatives coming out of Bitcoin in recent times. While an airdrop is on it’s way, TAP is more than just a token; it’s a comprehensive protocol that empowers developers to innovate on Bitcoin, marking a significant shift in the Bitcoin space. This protocol introduces capabilities for Bitcoin akin to the transformative Ethereum DeFi summer, enhancing its functionality and relevance.

What Is TAp?

TAP’s distinctive utilities open doors for developers to explore new use cases on the Bitcoin network – something considered impossible just over a year ago. From gaming and bridging to swapping and staking, TAP’s capabilities are set to redefine what can be achieved on the formerly known “boomer coin.” The protocol also introduces features like multisend/airdrops, enabling cost-effective token distributions, and token trades, facilitating peer-to-peer trading without intermediaries.

Trac Core, the technology behind TAP, has undergone rigorous testing since early May 2023, focusing on the decentralized distribution of indexing data based on Ordinal-based metaprotocols. Moreover, the Trac community has showcased remarkable strength in the nine months since its inception. There’s a profound connection between them and Trac’s creator, BennyTheDev, who is regarded as the heart and soul of the project, tirelessly interacting with the community at every opportunity.

Trac Core


The release of ‘Trac Core for TAP Protocol’ simplifies the development process, allowing developers to download, install, and run ready-to-use environments within minutes. This open-source and free-to-use technology encourages developers to contribute to its ongoing development.

The Trac Core ecosystem consists of indexers, validators, and peers forming the Trac Indexing Network. This network supports marketplaces, exchanges, and applications, providing validated index data for various metaprotocols. Trac Core’s efficiency, coupled with its low hardware requirements, positions it as the most efficient indexing ecosystem.

Partnerships and Intergrations

TAP has strategically aligned with key players in the space to amplify the impact of their ground-breaking initiatives. Notable among these partnerships is the collaboration with Bitmap, reflecting a strong community vision and a commitment to driving development. This alliance involves Bitoshi Blockamoto’s onboarding to the TAP team, leveraging TAP’s features to cater to a substantial user base of 25,000+. The focus extends beyond mere integration; it aims to empower Metaverse creators, providing essential tools to stay at the forefront of their field.

Furthermore, Trac Systems has ventured into collaborations with projects like @SORA_BTC, @GhostyCash, and the brains behind DMT-NAT, @TheBlockRunner Podcast, among many others.

Airdrop Incoming

As TAP gains momentum during it’s building phase, the community recently took part in the first phase of the $TAP airdrop. The airdrop encompasses three primary segments: Holders, TAP Protocol participants, and TAP Protocol Builders. The airdrop will be conducted in two phases over several months, with $TRAC and $PIPE holders receiving an allocation of $TAP at a later date. Self-custodial wallets such as OrdinalsWallet, Xverse, Unisat, and Inspip for PIPE holders were eligible for the airdrop, but not tokens held on CEXs. Holders of these tokens will get a 50% boost on their allocation should they hold through to the second snapshot.

Moreover, during Q3 and Q4, the most actively used protocols constructed on Tap will receive $TAP allocations. This approach not only fosters innovation and development within the Tap Protocol but also encourages users to contribute to the protocol’s growth by providing tools and infrastructure, all rewarded at the culmination of their efforts with an allocation of $TAP.

Final Thoughts

The TAP Protocol is not only enhancing the functionality of Bitcoin. but also fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and incentives. As it continues to evolve, TAP is poised to become a driving force in the ongoing Bitcoin renaissance, as this transformative journey continues for the big orange coin in 2024.

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