The Actual Way to Make More Money

If you clicked on this because you thought it contained that magically elusive nugget of information that will quickly solve all of your problems on your quest for success, then the wisdom found in this article will dramatically change your life.

However, I need to apologize…

I am sorry for utilizing clickbait tactics when creating the title, but I promise I did it to share with you a valuable lesson to make your life exponentially more amazing!

You see, we live in a world where the average American logs more than 9 hours a day of screen time.

And while we look at these screens, our brains are seriously vulnerable!

We are constantly bombarded with content, information, and other tempting forms of stimuli that have been masterfully engineered to prey on our psychological human tendencies.

We are prone to alerts, distractions, and bold claims that spark our intrigue, and our attention spans are taken advantage of by savvy marketers and slick headlines.

And the more we allow our time, energy, and focus to be scattered by stimuli, the less effective we become at actually growing, creating, and taking the necessary steps to achieve real, fulfilling success (while making more money).

So if you are frustrated with your current level of success, or you simply want to reclaim more of your authentic energy and focus so you can continue to grow in amazing ways, read on to learn how to actually build the incredible life and business you deserve.

Ask Yourself This…

The first thing you need to do is answer a simple question with brutal honesty.

“What do you truly want?”

Not “what do you think you should want?”

Or “what have you been raised to want”?

Right now, as a passionate and limitless human being, really spend time thinking about how you truly want to live this one precious life that you’ve been given.

To do this, you have to cut out all of the stimuli and distraction I mentioned earlier.

Shut off your phone.

Close your screens.

Ditch Netflix and Sportscenter and Twitter.

Get into a peaceful environment, and with a pen and paper, spend some time with yourself thinking about what you really, truly want.

Write it down.

Describe it in detail.

The more vivid you can be, the better.

And, most importantly, explain what it feels like.

What will it be like to wake up, open your eyes, and be surrounded by that ideal life that is authentically important to you?

Write that down and connect to it deeply.

Take Back Your Power

Now that you are crystal clear on what you actually want, you can filter out the tempting stimuli that bombard your screen every day in an attempt to steal your time and energy.

You can confidently skip over any piece of content that doesn’t directly align with or support the incredible life you are trying to build, and you won’t feel like you are missing out on anything!

And let’s be honest, if you are good at what you do and you have been in your field for a little while, you most likely already know what to do.

You already know what works.

And what works typically requires a lot of time and energy, which is not sexy.

So when an article or video comes along with ‘three quick tips to instantly get more clients’, at the core of that message is usually stuff we knew all along but were too afraid to put into practice with all of our energy because we were secretly hoping there was an easier way.

And I’m sure you’ll agree with me, but nothing impactful, fulfilling, or life-changing was ever accomplished instantly by applying a few quick tips.

So take back your power, reclaim your clarity, and own your energy by maintaining focus on building the life you really want without getting side-tracked by stimuli that don’t contribute to your ambitious goals.

Cut out the Middleman

Now, this part is crucial.

If you are on a mission to build an impactful and fulfilling life while growing into the greatest version of yourself, it can be tempting to fixate on a future goal so intensely that you lose sight of everything else.

Don’t get me wrong: laser-focus and relentless drive are two key ingredients to accomplishing anything, but if you don’t stop every now and then to practice some awareness, you’ll miss out on the progress you are creating.

You see, we typically want to accomplish ambitious goals to attain a feeling.

Yes, the goal typically involves something tangible (revenue goals, new clients gained, new followers, new users, etc) but behind that thing is a feeling.

And too often, we blindly accept that the feeling we are after can only be enjoyed once the goal is attained. And while accomplishing the goal feels amazing, you can actually enjoy that feeling you are seeking at this moment, right now.

If you are after fulfillment, growth, joy, or happiness, look around and find those things in your life right now.

Don’t reserve happiness for some unknown future date.

Live it now.

Enjoy your process of growth and appreciate the journey you are on.

Cut out the middleman and start experiencing that feeling you are after by enjoying the little wins you create along the way.

Look at the Mega-Successful

I’ll leave you with this.

If you look at all the mega-successful people we idolize (Gary V, Lewis Howes, Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, etc), you’ll see that they used these exact same steps to create incredible levels of impact, income, and fulfillment.

They became crystal clear on what they truly wanted.

And while they utilized mentors and coaches to hone their craft, they cut out distractions and powerfully employed the tactics that they already knew worked.

They didn’t get where they were by using magic scripts, templates, and quick tips.

They worked with intensity and consistency.

And while they moved forward, they were amplified and refueled by the act of enjoying their process along the way.

So if you truly want to make more money (which we all know is really just symbolic of a feeling you want to experience), follow these steps to do it in a way that will fuel your bank account and your soul while actually enjoying this experience called life.

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