The Best Gluten Free Protein Bars

Many people who love to exercise consume protein bars for proper muscle development. However, some of them cannot eat gluten products, so they have banned these bars from their daily diet. There is no need anymore for that. Today gluten-free protein bars are virtually everywhere, online and in physical stores.

Protein bar companies have managed to change the source of their flour and nuts to produce the best protein bars without any gluten trace inside. Some other manufacturers have a different method to suck the gluten directly from the raw materials they already have in the lab. Either way, today’s customers are in a pleasant position to have many gluten-free protein bar options. Let’s see which ones are the best to know the next time you are in the supermarket or your browser’s online checking page!

1. Nature Valley Pure Protein

It is one of the best protein bars you will find online. It contains no gluten in its substance, but it’s tastier than many other gluten-containing bars. You can get more nutrients, vitamins, carbs, and fibers by consuming this bar than any other bar you had so far. Not to mention that these gluten-free bars also have some essential amino acids to help your muscles produce their proteins the right way. Eating one protein bar right upon your exercises can make you feel better and restore the energy deficit in your body.

2. Sun Warrior

Here we have the newest friend in the protein bars containing zero gluten. Most athletes are fond of the Sun Warrior Bars since they have a more extended expiration date and can withstand some warm weather. Their chocolate cover is incredible and tasty. The inside protein filling can cover your energy needs several hours after the intense exercise. After all, Sun Warrior protein bars are for people who bring themselves to their limits and want a fast restoration of their protein and energy profile. The next time you ask for a protein bar, Sun Warriors would certainly be an option.

3. Nakd Bars

The Nakd bars are like their name implies: naked from gluten and full of proteins and energy. They are the only gluten-free protein bars that contain more natural sugars that can get absorbed slowly from your gut. The nuts and berries they have are denser and can give you better digestion if you suffer from protein bar constipation. After training and exercise, people who have these bars can restore their minerals deficit right away and make up for their lost proteins. Muscles will be ready to accept the nutrients even from the first bite to your protein bar.

4. Quest

Finally, Quest protein bars have been around for several years, showing the right path to people suffering from gluten indigestion issues. The protein bars contain no trace of gluten in their synthesis. That makes them ideal meals for people who have an irritated stomach and will not eat starches and other carbs as they are. The proteins are all coming in the right proportion to cover your muscles need right after the exercise. Quest is the brand you need to recharge your batteries, but you can’t have any gluten in your meal.


People who consume gluten-free protein bars are the ones that exercise a lot and want to build a robust muscle system. A few years ago, they couldn’t enjoy protein bars as they contained starches full of gluten. Today the absence of gluten in almost all newest protein bars has made it easy for them to exercise and reach their limits. The bars can improve their energy profile and prepare them to accept their new training challenge. After all, gluten cannot harm your way to the top!

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