The Best Instagram Tips Ever for 2020

Instagram is hands down the best tool when it comes to engaging and connecting with people. You might be just starting your journey with Instagram or you’ve been using the app for a while – there’s always so much to explore and learn.

Are you looking forward to getting all those likes? Do you want to increase your followers? Wouldn’t it be great if you got to shine on this platform too? 

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By the end of this article, you will feel confident about using your Instagram to its full potential. We have compiled seven amazing tips that will help you use Instagram like a pro.

  • Make your feed visually appealing

If you’ve been an avid user, you’ll know that Instagram is big on its visual aspect. This is why you should ask yourself how you can set your posts apart in a way that your feed can be a feast for your visitors’ eyes. 

Pick out a consistent style that you can post in a flow. For this, you can either use a consistent image style or go all out on a specific color scheme. You can even use apps like Instagram Layout to create some fun montages. This will set you apart from the rest and give you a signature identity. 

  • Consistency is key

To keep a plant thriving, you water it consistently. Similarly, to keep your Instagram thriving, you post consistently. Being inactive on the ever-active app can lead your presence to dry out. The best way to keep your feed fresh would be to create 1-2 posts on a daily basis. On a technical level, consistency also keeps up with the app’s algorithm. 

You can work smart and schedule your posts for a specified duration of time. That way, you can seal your consistency without any anxieties of forgetting to post. 

  • Weave the magic with captions and hashtags

The power of captions can often be underestimated on this visual platform. However, captions are one of the best ways to bond with your fans. After all, users on Instagram primarily crave for something they can connect with. 

For this purpose, you can bring in the element of storytelling in your captions. There’s no doubt that the world simply runs of stories so pick something that would resonate with your fans. When your fans connect with your content, they’re much more likely to share it among their peers and help you gain the popularity you need. 

Hashtags come after the caption and can make all the difference in terms of increasing your presence. For the best results, take the time to research your hashtags and settle on the ones that create the most impact. 

  • AR filters are here to stay!

AR has certainly taken Instagram by storm. In fact, some of the best filters even got more than 1 billion views!

If you haven’t noticed, Instagram’s AR filters have evolved from just the effects that were added to your face to more advanced ones. These filters can now enhance and color grade your videos. So, don’t miss out on this cool feature to create more interesting videos. 

If you are a brand, this feature will let your followers explore your product more closely and even recreate the visual style you create. 

  • Deploy every possible Instagram video format

Instagram is a storehouse of video content. The app was quick to recognize the importance of videos which is why it offers a multitude of video options for you to deploy. 

The feature of posting regular one-minute videos has been there from the very beginning and is still just as effective. Currently, the interesting feature includes bringing TikTok charm on the app with the help of Reels. So, if you have some fun and crisp video content, don’t hesitate to put it out there. 

Do you have longer videos with evergreen content? Don’t worry, IGTV is here to help. With a considerably lesser competition for views, IGTV can surely be spun to your advantage. 


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