The Gimmicks: A Web3 Enabled Animated Series

the gimmicks

If you have yet to notice, Hollywood is entering the Web3 and blockchain space. Recently, actress Mila Kunis got on board when one of her production studios called Sixth Wall joined forces with Web3 animation studio Toonstar

Sixth Wall is the digital branch of another Kunis-led production firm called Orchard Farm Productions and is one of the few female-only Web3 teams out there. Information on Orchard Farms and Sixth Wall is hard to find, with no central website for either company that was easy to find. 

The result was a new adult-themed and community-driven animated series called The Gimmicks that follows a rag-tag group of semi-pro wrestlers in the ‘Wrestling Wrestling League’ as they try to make it to the big time.

The Gimmicks utilize NFTs to fund the series and also to provide holders with the ability to vote on storyline decisions for upcoming episodes. NFT holders can sell their NFTs at any time if the price should go up and they desire to make a profit. 

Additionally, “the project has introduced groundbreaking Web3 community utility such as the first on-chain social layer called the DIC (Decentralized, Inclusive, Community), which tracks + rewards social interactions and enables direct community messaging. There’s also a Wiki where NFT holders can create their own character backstory and lore.” The combination of NFTs for funding, voting, and possible profit-making combined with rewards for social interactions make for an interesting and possibly novel concept. 

The Gimmicks started out on the Solana blockchain but is currently transferring operations and assets to the Avalanche blockchain. Avalanche is quickly becoming a comfortable home for DeFi protocols, play-to-earn gaming, and now blockchain-based animated series. There’s a page on The Gimmicks website that gives directions to Solana NFT holders on how to bridge their assets to Avalanche. 

Looking at the collection on OpenSea, it has 9,995 items, and the current floor price as of November 24th, 2022 is .39 $SOL, or around $5.70. Depending on your budget, this could be an extremely affordable way to become part of a groundbreaking community and having the ability to vote on the storyline.

The Gimmicks is currently on its second season, and both seasons are available to watch for free here. Crypto wallets including MetaMask and any wallet using WalletConnect technology are able to connect to the site for access to owned NFT collections. If you’d like to join their Discord server to soak in the rambunctious vibes, you can do so here. And finally, their Twitter page is here.

Overall, The Gimmicks is producing some hilarious, adult-themed content in a way that incorporates NFTs, governance, blockchains, and innovative ways for community members to participate in the storyline and receive rewards for involvement.

Could The Gimmicks be the future model for Hollywood?

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