The Importance Of Building Your Brand From Experts Michael Hummel and Max Muir

There’s no doubt that the way of conducting business has changed due to Covid-19 causing companies to have their employees work from home. This raises the question, how can businesses stay relevant in this digital age? 

Two young entrepreneurs started a company, Establish, on a mission to solve this problem. 

Michael Hummel and Max Muir are digital entrepreneurs who specialize in helping businesses thrive in these uncertain times by developing brands online. 

“Due to Covid-19, businesses can no longer rely on being able to shake hands or do in-person events to build trust with their customers,” says Max Muir 

This is the reality that millions of business owners are now facing. How to stand out and build trust with their marketplace when you can’t meet potential customers in person. 

If you want your business to thrive, here are a few tips to take advantage of:

1. Turn your focus to social media

Now, this does not just mean scrolling mindlessly on social media apps… Instead, view these social media platforms as digital tools that can generate new customers and relationships for your business. “With a simple search on Instagram or Facebook, you can find thousands of potential customers who need your services” Says Hummel. Leverage hashtags, Facebook groups, and even Location tags for more local customers.

2. Be a creator on these platforms, not a consumer. 

These digital platforms give anyone a voice and it’s a business owner’s responsibility to share it. Talk about what’s going on in the company, how you’re different from competitors, and show the company culture. “With conglomerates like Amazon in the marketplace, you’ll be forced to develop a brand in order to survive. Start now and get ahead of the curve” says Muir
3. Invest In Digital Real Estate

As remote work is becoming more common with regulations around Covid-19, it’s driving customers online to research companies before working with them. “Digital real estate is perhaps the most important way for a business to develop a brand. When people search for you or your business, what do they find? It’s a business owners duty to make sure customers can clearly see what makes a business unique with a simple search” says Michael Hummel. Examples of digital real estate would be getting featured in major publications, driving more traffic and followers to your social profiles, and making sure that you rank well for keywords surrounding your business type with SEO.

We are entering a time where developing a brand is essential to the survival of a business. Use these tips outlined above to be an early adopter and get ahead of the competition going into 2021. Check out Max and Michael’s Instagram’s if you’d like to learn more about how to build a brand. 


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