The Intelligent NFTs of Alethea AI

Artificial Intelligence is here and it’s becoming more mainstream every day. Chatbots like ChatGPT are well-recognized and people are noticing how they can create efficiencies. And now AI-based crypto projects are seeing lots of hype and it’s not hard to understand why. AI gives its users the power to be infinitely creative through simple prompts that anyone can easily type into a text field.

As efficient as chatbots can be, they lack an element of human interaction. Text-based chatbots don’t have a face, voice, or emotions. They feel kind of cold and lifeless. That was until began creating iNFTs (intelligent NFTs) that allow you to create interactive AI Characters. Alethea AI has several components to it, so let’s take a look at each piece to get a better understanding of the entire project.

The AI Protocol

The AI Protocol is the backbone of the project and provides users with access to generative AI systems. It’s the engine that allows for “monetization, user acquisition, interoperability, verification, crowdsourcing, governance, provenance, and more.” A big feature of The AI Protocol is its interoperability – AI assets can be used across dApps that are built on it. The focus on interoperability could signal that Alethea is planning on building a large ecosystem where users have plenty of activities to keep them busy and developers have receptive audiences. 

The AI Protocol uses the Artificial Liquid Intelligence ($ALI) utility token. $ALI is the main ERC-20 token for The AI Protocol and all dApps built on top of it. $ALI has the following utilities:

  • Enables creation of iNFTs
  • Enables access to AI systems
  • Governance
  • Transactions between iNFTs
  • Enables intelligence upgrades for iNFTs
  • Various Transactions in The AI Protocol

Essentially, the entire suite of products from Alethea is powered by one token. This is pretty nice because sometimes projects have five or six different tokens and it can be difficult to understand what each token does.


These are ERC-721 NFTs that get paired to an “Intelligence Pod” through The AI Protocol. Intelligence pods connect the iNFT to the actual artificial intelligence/machine learning on the backend, essentially allowing the iNFT to become intelligent. iNFTs have access to the “intelligence layer” which consists of CharacterGPT and other AI systems (more on that in a bit). You must own an iNFT to build a dApp on The AI Protocol.

Character GPT 

CharacterGPT is an AI system that 

“…allows users to create interactive characters with distinct appearances, voices, intelligence, personalities, and identities simply by providing a natural language description. After a character is tokenized, its owner can customize its personality, train its intelligence, trade its generative outputs, and use it across the other dApps on The AI Protocol.” 

Character GPT can create AI characters to be used as:

  • Digital twins, guides, and companions
  • Virtual assistants
  • Licensed AI collectibles
  • AI NPCs (Non-Player Characters)



MyCharater.AI is used with CharacterGPT and its primary purpose is to generate AI characters for various use cases. This is the place where you type in your prompt to create your AI iNFT character.  You can also store any content you’ve made with your character. Some interesting use cases include using your character as a brand ambassador for a business, creating content with it, or just having a companion that remembers important things about you.

Noah’s Ark

This was Alethea’s first dApp and it’s a metaverse project that allows users to create, train, and earn from iNFTs. This might be used as an area to familiarize yourself with iNFTs or before using MyCharacter.AI for any business-related use cases. It might also simply be an area to have fun with other intelligent characters in the metaverse.

Final Thoughts

AI is here and it’s rapidly evolving. Where it ends up is anybody’s guess. In the early stages of AI, it will be fun to experiment with projects like Alethea. It will be interesting to see whether or not iNFTs will be used by businesses. What if iNFTs started changing the way website visitors receive online customer service? Could an iNFT walk a customer through the process of forming an LLC and answer any questions they might have during the process? What if iNFTs were embedded in text-based chatbots to add a human element? Only the future will tell.

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