How Italy’s “King of GIFs” Francesco Riviera is Gaining Global Attention

Italian entrepreneur Francesco Riviera, 25, is more than just Italy’s “GIF King” — he is one of the digital world’s fastest-growing digital entrepreneurs and marketing experts.

Riviera has found success in being ahead of the curve on internet trends. “It was from an early age that I was passionate about the web. I’ve studied Facebook Business from the very first day of launch. This is because of its huge potential for the growth of companies,” he says.

After graduating from accounting, Riviera studied alongside experts in a wide variety of marketing and business fields, but his true success came from selling modern trends as a business.

“I strongly believe that every single company has a hidden treasure. That treasure must be told and valued towards the public,” he says.

After opening Tesoro Communication, a social media marketing agency and digital creation firm at the young age of 20, his business took off using the power of GIFs.

GIFs are moving stickers or photos that show a small glimpse of a clip or movement from a wide variety of different subjects. Things like movie and television quotes often fuel great jokes and help people connect.

The “GIF King” was the first to launch personalized GIFs on Instagram across the European market.

A huge part of Riviera’s success has come from networking with some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars.

“I have created gifs and have collaborated in events with Willy William, Philipp Plein, Stefano Gabbana, Philippe Model, Radio Italia, Vasco Rossi, Laura Pausini, 6ix9ine, many more Italian singers and rappers, and influencers,” he says.

Referrals from influencers and celebrities have helped him build his own Instagram account to over 100,000 followers. Many have come from being tagged on Instagram posts and stories.

He encourages people to work with bigger names in order to grow their businesses, especially for and prior to the launch. This will give your business a huge boost to success.

Riviera sets himself apart by setting specific benchmarks and goals.

“Step by step, error after error, the result arrives one must never give up. That the winning strategy exists,” he says. “You can sell literally anything, the important thing is to have a mindset that adapts to situations to understand the target and the exact communication message.”

To keep up with Riviera’s journey, check out his Instagram here.

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