The Luxurious World of Luxury Interior Designer Katrina Antonovich

katrina antonovich

Katrina Antonovich is a self-made luxury interior designer who is running the most prestigious Architecture and Interior Design Company in the world –Luxury Antonovich Design. Her name was indeed in the center of the limelight as her business has continuously gained different international achievements and highest criteria of accomplishments all over the world as she has been recently awarded by the Asia Pacific Property Awards and Forbes.  Aside from being a Top-grossing Entrepreneur, Katrina Antonovich is very famous living the most luxurious life. She has become a fashion icon and the most talked about personality in social media. Katrina Antonovich was indeed the woman of a new era, as she is also supporting her advocacy of women empowerment. 

This supra luxurious woman comes from the aristocratic family that has been dealing in the world of architecture and interior design wherein her creativity and passion in art have been perfectly molded. Katrina Antonovich has been accomplished her educational attainment and expertise in the world’s regal capital of luxury and style. As the center of architecture and breath-taking landscapes, Dubai has become her perfect choice to build her own empire in the field of architecture and interior design that has gained very prosperous feedback.

Katrina Antonovich is very hands-on in every company operations most especially when it comes in every project executions as she is the CEO, Chief Designer, and Architect of Luxury Antonovich Design. Over the years of international services for different project implementations, Luxury Antonovich Design has been successfully operating branches of offices that are located in the prime areas of the world such as Miami Florida USA, and Astana Kazakhstan.  Katrina Antonovich also owned the biggest luxury furniture store in Dubai – KA Luxury which is showcasing the widest selection of its signature luxury collection – KA Brand which is named after her. KA Luxury is also the home of the prestigious furniture and interior materials as it is the authorized supplier of different luxury brands from Italy and Turkey. 

Katrina Antonovich is the woman behind the most prestigious architectural and interior design creations in the world, as she has become always the top of the choice in developing a top luxurious project which is owned by Royal families, World top leaders, VIP’s, Billionaire investors, and businessmen. These high profile personalities usually require the highest standard in every project design executions and implementations that involves the most luxurious and elegant details in style and every composition, which has been the specialty and expertise of Katrina Antonovich. With the great the leadership of Katrina Antonovich,

Luxury Antonovich Design has become very well known as the top executor of elite projects worldwide such as Royal Palaces are South Africa, Luxury Hotels in London, Elite villas and commercial establishment in the USA, prestigious modern apartments in South East Asia, Finest Luxury Yacht, and Top luxurious Arabian Villas and mosque design in the Middle East. These top-level luxurious projects have become the expertise and specialties of Luxury Antonovich Design with the great leadership of Katrina Antonovich.

Every Grandeur and aesthetic design executions in this high-end luxury project have been always composed of the finest touches of elegance which is personally styled by Katrina Antonovich. That would be the secret why the Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been continuously gaining success by performing the most luxurious and outstanding Architecture and Interior design. Katrina Antonovich always envisions herself as the reflection of elegance which she has been performing towards every project to be able to achieve the most luxurious design result. It is her ultimate goal to be part of every client’s dream home come true and execute the most luxurious and top of the line architecture and interior design. Katrina Antonovich has indeed set the highest standard of luxuriousness in the industry of architecture and interior design worldwide.

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