The Man With an Incredible Vision

Meet Avnish Kumar Jain from Bijoliya, Rajasthan. He is a dynamic social media GURU who has reached the lives of many. He’s helping many verified and big profiles in generating more leads and insights. When kids his age were busy playing games, he was giving flight to his dreams.

Jain had always strived for bigger things. In all his roles – son, brother, friend, student – he always wanted to go above and beyond, to reach the heights of his potential. Many gifted kids waste away their potential but Avnish steered clear of all the distractions that could cloud the big dreams in his eyes.

He faced many things in his life, but one thing that gives him the boost is his parents support.
When he was facing the problems jain always thought in his mind “everything is already written just go with the flow and hustle hard ,one day you will reach your destination.”

Everything has two sides a positive or negative,if you want to achieve something then just focus on positive side.

One thing that we should learn from him is that money cannot buy happiness, happiness is helping needy people seeing them happy because of you.

He made terrific use of Social Media and built himself a loyal following. Since he was 17, Avnish has been making money through his Social Media Presence. Now at the age of 21, he is a successful lifestyle and fashion influencer and a successful Social media Master.

Avi jain belongs from a town named Bijoliya in Rajasthan. He always said it doesn’t matter from where you came, thing which matter is where your are now.

Avnish is gearing up to launch his own startup and business soon.

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