The Nauticus Integral Solution Revolutionizes the Crypto Space and Betters the World

The world is changing at such a rapid pace. Technology is taking over and reinventing the way we live and work on a daily basis. The economy is no exception to this technology revolution. Blockchain technology is taking the world to new heights, and predictions show that we will soon embrace a completely digital economy where financial transactions will be secure, fast and completed at a fraction of the current cost. Cryptocurrency has already started to boom. The digital money transactions have increased from $100 million USD to nearly $30 billion USD in just one year. Nauticus is jumping at the opportunity to be a leader in the crypto space by creating an integral solution that encourages everyone to participate in the FinTech revolution. And in addition to that, Nauticus aims to help the world by protecting the environment and providing funding to various charities.

“Our solutions are aimed at everyday users, businesses of all sizes as well as local, state and federal government. At the same time, we want to help create a better world for everyone, especially the underprivileged. We are strongly focused on social responsibility and philanthropy,” Coo and co-founder of Nauticus, Jonathan Chang, explains.

The Nauticus Integrative Approach

Nauticus is launching its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) this month as the company’s first step towards a vision for six innovative global banking and eCommerce solutions which all utilize blockchain technology and all of which are aimed at users ranging from individuals to businesses and every level of government.

Unlike the vast majority of new cryptocurrencies, backers of the Nauticus ICO will have the ability to use and trade their Nauticus coins immediately on the exchange. The platform is in development and due to launch in the middle of this year. Initially, the platform will offer 100 crypto and six fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD and ZAR). Within just one year, the Nauticus exchange will offer 300 cryptocurrencies and 16 fiat currencies. Nauticus coin users will also be given a 50% discount on trading fees on the exchange.

The crypto world is ready for an integrative solution, and Nauticus provides the solution. They will open a blockchain mining center in 2019 whose revenue will be reinvested into low-cost eCommerce and merchant peer to peer payment platforms, a “one and done” know your customer (KYC) verification service and an online ICO community whose resources and services will assist new ICOs and provide a quality verification system to protect their backers from any type of scamming.

Nauticus Gives Back

The founders of Nauticus have a deep passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology advancements, but they also have a foundational belief in philanthropy.

“Nauticus upholds the highest ethical standards. We will use our influence and global community to bring about change to those who need it most. Improving living standards in developing countries, advocating for equal rights and protecting the environment are among our core values.”

And they are backing it up.

The founders of Nauticus recently announced that they will give away up to 41% of the team’s coins to charities. On top of that, every user currently receives 100 free Nauticus coins for the first referral sign up and 200 for every subsequent referral. They can choose to keep the bonus or donate it to charity. If donated, Nauticus will match the donation, coin for coin.

In addition, the founders fully intend to use low cost green energy wherever possible to power the tens of thousands of machines they will use to mine cryptocurrencies. Locations for the blockchain mine sites will be chosen to provide maximum economic and social benefit to communities in the developing world, such as Malaysia. And a portion of the profit from these sites will help create water and sanitation infrastructure to support health and education initiatives.


The future of our world clearly belongs to blockchain. The technology will likely disrupt every industry and make improvements to the way we do business and run our daily lives. Blockchain is revolutionizing our world, and Nauticus has developed an integral approach to cryptocurrency while at the same time working to protect and better the world we live in.

“The opportunity for business and social applications of blockchain technology is endless, and we are working tirelessly to be in the forefront of this industry.”


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