The New Billion Dollar Face of California – The Brockett Group’s Malik Duquon Brockett

The Brockett Group, founded by Malik Duquon Brockett, is a private equity alternative investment management firm that supports companies in various different industries with internal and external capital, working with exceptionally talented teams, and creating value for investors.

The company is looking to expand and a $US100 million investment has been directed towards its first state-of-the-art development for new corporate offices. The group aims to create 10,000 jobs by the year 2030.

The founder, who is also the President, Chairman, and CEO of the company says, “The Brockett Group has always been managed with a viewpoint of attaining successful progression over the long term. Our organization has consistently wanted to center on the best possible results for our company and investments over years rather than on the short-term influence and gains.”

The vision of the company is to create world-class market-leading companies, brands, and partnerships that encourage, relate to, and inspire worldwide consumers. Malik Duquon Brockett has been successful in investing and making establishments across a wide range of asset classes in different sectors on a global basis including private equity and real estate. The Brockett Group centers on areas where Malik and the firm can best implement their skillset, drive, and wide-ranging connections to back portfolio companies and partners to attain greater results.

The Brockett Group has invested in various American start-ups including technology, health, energy, media, consumer retail, finance, real estate, and transportation. The group has approximately $US1.5 billion in assets under management. Since 2019, the firm has made private equity investments bridging across 25 countries, offering their team a deep awareness across our focus markets and areas.

Malik has the vision to redevelop the face of business in California while creating employment and benefiting the communities within The Brockett Group invests in working alongside key government bodies to make sure results are met. The investment firm is on track to raise an additional $US2.5 billion by the end of the year.

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