The New Era of Motivation Is Finally Here

Peter Voogd is no stranger to life’s ups and downs; he was an entrepreneur at 15 but stressed out and broke by 22.

Failure could have been the end for him, but he chose another way. Instead of giving up, he altered his mindset and business strategies to make a massive comeback. In only six months, he turned his business around to six-figures. Four years later, he saw that increase to seven figures.

On his newfound journey, Voogd discovered that he had an even deeper purpose in life. He found that helping other ambitious millennial entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and gain financial freedom was the reward he was looking for. To this end, he has published a best-selling book, titled “6 Months to 6 Figures,” and created multiple hit podcasts. Very recently, he released the second volume to his hit spoken word mixtape, “Know Yourself.”

So, how did Voogd manage to turn everything around in such spectacular fashion? Beyond that, what can his experience teach the rest of us?

As it turns out, the method is in the mixtapes.

Motivation for Modern Life

The mixtapes Voogd produces have a very clear goal and purpose. In his latest podcast, “Breaking Down The New Era Of Motivation (Know Yourself 2),” Voogd admits that he created these projects because modern “motivation” was becoming too monotone, repetitive, and full of fluff.

Voogd has trained over 7,000 millennials over the years, and during that time, he discovered that motivation and music were similar in the way they affect the listener. With this realization, he created these tracks for young millennials who don’t have the time to sit and listen to a two-hour session that may only contain five minutes of actionable advice.

Breaking the mould, “Know Yourself 2” is made to motivate at a deeper level than a simple podcast, audiobook, or a boring speech that a speaker would deliver 1,000 times. This project compiles stories, lessons, and strategies that Voogd has learned in his lifetime, and is made to create long-term change for people who need a dramatic transformation.

Drawing from the experiences of his own life, he gives clear, concise content that is made to give people, especially millennials, a new insight and “a new perspective that allows them to build a life on their terms and take the road less traveled.” He stresses the importance of remaining accountable in all aspects of life, staying positive in the face of adversity, and realizing the wealth of opportunity for success provided by modern technology.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Voogd to get an inside look at his mindset and the drive behind this particular project. He frankly stated that he created the mixtapes out of frustration over the traditional, recycled content that failed to truly inspire on a deeper level.

“I’m not talking about ‘feel good’ motivation that doesn’t actually improve your life past the moment, but sustained motivation… sharing knowledge and experience that creates real change, real results, and a real legacy,” he said.

Millennials and Motivation

When asked about the current state of entrepreneurship for millennials, he said that it is exactly what they make of it, who they become, and how resourceful they are.

“There are no more excuses left. Look around. Fifteen-year-olds are making millions, stay-at-home moms are starting million-dollar side businesses, we have 28-year-old billionaires, and people with pasts that couldn’t even imagine building million-dollar brands.”

Voogd’s best advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs, and millennials in general, is to remain true to yourself and realize that the only real competition you face is “the person in the mirror.” Endless possibilities exist for those who value their goals and dreams, rather than focusing on fears and making excuses.

While he places great emphasis on self-awareness and personal growth, Voogd also states that it is only a small part of true success. Growing up, he found that he heard a lot of the traditional pieces of advice that others love to share: “read a book a day, invest in every course, listen to podcasts, and go to all the events you can, and of course, read, read, read!!!”

Motivation and Self-Awareness as the Ultimate Advantage

When asked about how he views self-awareness, Voogd stated that it is the “ultimate advantage.” The opinions of others become irrelevant as long as you are in tune with yourself and know who you are and what you want out of life and your career, he said.

“Self-awareness is grossly underrated, and knowing yourself is more powerful than any book, course, or mastermind. Each of us has massive potential to create amazing things in our lives and businesses by being purposeful in all we do.”

By following the very advice that he shares in his mixtape, Voogd said, “I know myself more than I ever have. I have tripled down on my strengths, and I’ve focused on mastery versus information overload. I’ve focused on self-awareness, my strengths, values, gifts, and who I really am as a human being.”

A quick search on YouTube shows that Peter Voogd’s videos average from three thousand views to well over one hundred thousand. Millennials regularly tune in, and he has created a very engaged community. Many millennials state how Voogd’s advice has changed their outlook on business and life in general when they put in the time and effort to change their mindset.

We are about to hit a new era of motivational content and overall self-awareness, and Peter Voogd is at the forefront of it. I invite you to fully immerse yourself in his world by listening to “Know Yourself 2: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Awareness.” It will surely put you in the right mindset to get after it and chase your dreams.

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