The New Face of the Indian DJ Scene, DJ Felix, Makes History Being Awarded as the Most Popular DJ by Toi

Felix Huang, better known as DJ Felix, has been making a name for himself in India’s hip hop community and beyond. Originally from Kolkata, the young producer and DJ have recently become the first-ever DJ from Kolkata to have been awarded as The Most Popular DJ by Times Of India (TOI).

Rocking with his crazy video routines, DJ Felix has recently got popularity with his viral video ‘Rasode Mein Kon Tha’ that hit 12 million views worldwide. This video got him a massive fan following across various social media platforms, and people from all over the world are loving his work. With his own event series ‘Hip-Hop Sessions’, he has brought hip hop to the forefront of the clubbing scene in India and hopes to continue to build upon his stature in the industry. When he stepped into the field, he knew nothing about DJing, all he had was his passion for music and knowledge about the different genres. Hip hop at that time was gaining popularity, but most DJs used it only as an opener. However, the love for hip hop that Felix had from his early days only kept growing, and in no time it became his forte. He started downloading tracks and practising at the club, in his spare time, with the other DJs. He started enjoying it so much that even when the clubs were shut, he used to reach there at 4 pm, take the keys from the security and practice. But as they say ‘success doesn’t come overnight’. He struggled for almost 8 years, post which his hard work paid off! In the interim, he did odd jobs at various clubs after which he was offered a job as a resident DJ. Very soon people started appreciating his work and taking notice of him.

His success run began from thereon. Over his years as an artist, he has performed at many of India’s most iconic venues, as well as stopping off in Dubai to perform at the Royal Ascott. Despite the pandemic, DJ Felix is showing no sign of slowing down, and we caught up with him to talk about his earliest influences and much more. After back to back sensational and houseful shows in Dubai, DJ Felix is currently preparing for his post-COVID, USA and Europe tours. DJ Felix is also coming up with his very first production, a single titled ‘ Jawab de’. The song seems to be seeking answers from people, but in reality, it provides an answer to people who are looking for motivation and inspiration in these difficult times. He is also going to make major collaborations with big rappers coming out this year. Talking about his success, Felix believes that change is necessary at every step. While changing his game with a massive fan following, he has furthermore become the first-ever video turntablist of Kolkata.

DJ Felix also talks about his struggle period, saying “When people did not use social media, I spent much time on Facebook, and started promoting myself there. Social media helped me gain a lot of fame in Kolkata, and gave me a lot of events. Finally, I made my mark in this industry.” With strong willpower and determination, DJ Felix has victoriously carved his name in the books as one of the best DJ’s in the music fraternity. DJ Felix says, “DJ-ing is not just about playing tracks and music, but also requires a lot of ideas and creativity.” He was inspired by the world champions of Redbull 3Style. Now he is performing alongside the champions. The dedication towards work and the hunger for success made this young artist achieve what he had always dreamt of. From the humble beginning to now becoming the most renowned and finest DJ and Video Turntablist of India, DJ Felix has become an inspiration for the youth in the country. DJ Felix is looking forward to making more such creative videos and music tracks for his beloved followers.

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