The Person Behind Lashiivo – Blaze Lloyd

New to the beauty arena and rapidly growing is the company Lashiivo. Lashiivo is built on a community of eyelash extension professionals, and the business is focused on training new technicians and providing quality eyelash extension supplies to customers. With nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram, the company is taking the beauty space by storm. And behind it, all is the 20-year-old Canadian businesswoman Blaze Lloyd. 

Lloyd is a dedicated CEO and has taken her brand from a startup to a company that is expected to bring in more than one million dollars in revenue in 2021. Blaze Lloyd believed that there was a gap in the market for high-quality lashes and professional technicians, and clearly, her beliefs were valid.

As the company grows incredibly month by month, and professional eyelash artists represent her brand across the world, Lloyd still believes there is a long way to go. She has a vision of expanding her company overseas and opening warehouses to increase production, allowing her products and professionals to be more readily accessible anywhere in the world. 

Lloyd knows that this will be a big job, especially in the beauty space. “In our industry, things change very fast,” Blaze says, going on to remark that, “New opportunities are constantly presenting themselves and I am always trying to keep up with those while being efficient with my time.”

Indeed, while growing a brand in any market can be difficult, the beauty space is especially competitive. If anyone can do it, however, it’s Lloyd. She started doing lashes in her parent’s spare bedroom at the age of sixteen and has followed her passion ever since. She launched her company during the coronavirus pandemic, which required her to work twelve hours a day and dedicate all her energy to her company. 

Her hard work and perseverance have certainly paid off. Since the launch of Lashiivo, Lloyd has amassed a group of more than 20,000 lash professionals across the globe and is still continuing to find more. “I want to take this brand to the top and then some!” she says.

My vision is to have Lashiivo become a household name for all lash artists and beauty professionals.

With Blaze Lloyd’s record of hard work, passion, dedication, skill, and success, it would be foolish to doubt that she will accomplish her goal. As Lashiivo continues to spread around the world, Lloyd will continue to work for her brand and maintain her mission. In the hands of someone so competent, driven, and innovative, we can all expect to see Lloyd’s brand spread even farther around the globe, one sale at a time. 


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