The Proper Way to Eat Caviar

Have you ever tried caviar? It is an ultimately pure food delicacy of royal families. These tiny black and salty pearls are so appetizingly tasty in flavor and texture that people pay a considerable amount for just a small quantity. That’s why caviar is also renowned as “Black Gold.” Caviar is the sturgeon eggs that are present in the Caspian and Black seas.

Tips for Eating Caviar

Similar to its unique taste and luxurious texture, you must royally eat caviar also. These are the tips to eat caviar to delight yourself fully.

  • First, select the caviar of premium quality texture and taste. High-quality caviar is mature, full-bodied, and light-colored. Beluga and Osetra caviar is the most famous ones.
  • You should chill the caviar under freezing point before serving.
  • Due to its static nature, you must use a bone or mother-of-pearl spoon for its eating to fully enjoy the taste and retain texture. Do not use stainless steel or metal spoons because they oxidize, leave a metallic sour taste, and compromise the savor of caviar.
  • Always eat small portions of caviar and avoid chewing it to satisfy your tongue with the bundle of supreme flavors fully, and you can squeeze all the creamy and buttery taste out of it.
  • You can preserve caviar leftover by chilling but use it within one day or two to retain its taste.

Serving ways for Caviar’s eating

Caviar is an ancient food luxury, and people have invented thousands of ways to eat, from garnishing to consumption. These are the four most common serving ways of caviar.

Russian Tradition

Russian tradition is to put a small amount of caviar at the back of your hand with a mother-of-pearl spoon. You can feel the smoothness and buttery texture. Please wait until it comes close to your body temperature to release its aroma. Smell this beautiful beaded seafood and gently put it on your tongue. Finally, swallow it, pushing the tiny balls against the palate so that the flavor explodes in your mouth.

Pairing it with Beverages

Caviar is perfectly complemented with vodka and champagne and provides a sparkling combination for caviar lovers. Champagne helps to cleanse your palate. Its sourness, sweetness, and babbles are all amazingly balanced, and its acidity brings out the optimal flavor of salty and aromatic caviar while eating.

As vodka is odorless, it is very suitable to pair with very strong, premium, and rich-flavored caviar. The explosiveness of vodka will unleash the caviar taste, making it more appetizing.

 As an Appetizer

Snacks and crackers often accompany caviar. For Russian Royal families, it is usually paired with toast or mini Russian pancakes called blinis. For this, a small amount of cream is applied to toast, and then a spoon of tasty caviar is put on top of it. Finally, sprinkle it with a bit of onion and white egg pieces. It is recommended to avoid bigger chunks of caviar to retain its superior quality.

You can follow the traditional way by dusting caviar with flour, then it is fried and served as a snack. You can also eat it raw and chilled with a bit of vinegar, onion, and pepper.


There are a lot of fancy ways to consume caviar royally. Various herbs, citrus juices, and creams are commonly used for their garnishing. These dressings improve its flavor and give its taste a feeling of uniqueness.


To eat caviar in the best way possible, you have to have a craving for the delicious caviar and a thick wallet. So, whether it’s served as an appetizer, a snack, or filled with Champaign or vodka or served royally, you will be amazed at its most decadent flavor.  But to enjoy caviar in its perfect taste. Try to eat it in smaller bites without chewing it!

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