The Rise of Virtual Co-Founders

You could say that Tim Ferris or Chris Ducker coined the term virtual assistant in their books The 4-Hour Work Week and Virtual Assistant: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business. Virtual assistants allow you to work with anyone from anywhere in the world. Because of the trend of virtual assistants, people are no longer working in offices but rather co-working spaces.

There has also been a trend of people who have found co-founders for their company, virtually.

Finding a co-founder virtually would’ve been deemed impossible twenty years ago. Look at the companies we know today: they would’ve had to find their partner in person, but this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. It’s easier than ever before to find a company to start with a virtual co-founder. This means the days of having your friend as your partner need not exist. Anyone in the world can now become the co-founder of your company.

With companies like eMINDSCLUB, you can find a co-founder as quickly as you sign up. People can be averse to starting a company on their own and would instead like to start a company with another person, giving them support instead of going at it alone. With sites like eMINDSCLUB, you can find a co-founder who is a designer, developer, marketer, or even another entrepreneur. There isn’t a reason to say that you can’t found a company with someone else.

It can be hard to know if the person you meet online is worthy of being your co-founder, but it doesn’t have to be tricky to figure out who is right and who is wrong. Also, remember that you don’t want to have too many co-founders as having too many people with the same exact skills can lead to opinionated arguments, which you don’t need when launching your company.

Trust Your Gut

You know whether someone is trustworthy and would fit in with your company. When finding your co-founder online, you have to go with what feels good in your gut. If the person doesn’t feel right in your gut, don’t hesitate to move on to someone else.

Do They Match The Skills You’re Looking For?

A co-founder should be someone who has different skills than the ones you possess. If you’re an extrovert, are they an introvert? When you have different skills, you can each bring different ideas to the table on how to grow your company. Create a list of your strengths and weaknesses and look for someone who can help you with your weaknesses.

Write Your Ideal Co-Founder

This can resemble the law of attraction. When you know what you exactly want in life and you write it out, you will attract it into your life. The same will be said for your co-founder. When looking for your co-founder, list the ideal qualities you’d like to possess. This will help shape your idea of what you’re looking for in a co-founder.

Finding a virtual co-founder need not be hard with online resources like eMINDSCLUB. Having a co-founder within your company can take your company to the next level. When you’re looking for your co-founder, remember to use the list above on deciding who would be a right fit for your company!

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