This Shark Tank Winner Pivots from Aquavault

AquaVault is the portable safe made for travel (the idea came after founder Jonathan Kinas was robbed while going for a swim), and pivoted during the Corona crisis to launch ChargeCard, a portable charger. Although portable travel safes sell all year round, Kinas and partners launched an essential, ultra-thin, credit-card-size Portable Charger that fits in your wallet, due to the pandemic shift.

Kinas says, “Being that we are a travel related business that started with inventing the Portable Travel Safe, we understood that this pandemic would have severe consequences on the industry as a whole. The years we spent building relationships with our commercial clients such as the hotels, theme parks, water parks and cruise ships were suddenly going to be in jeopardy as we prepared to experience an environment we were far from familiar with.”

Jonathan continues, “Overall, this pandemic has had effects, but one of the few things remaining constant is people’s overall attachment to their cell phones. We believed that if we could successfully create something that would cater to the individual needs of people and their dependency on cell phones, we’d be able to position ourselves to capitalize on a new opportunity.”
Aside from its sleek and convenient size, the emergency ChargeCard comes with built-in cables that charge both iPhones and Androids among many other electronic devices.

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