Tiara-Maria Wehbe Wants to Grow in Her Passion as a Singer, Wishes otRelease More Original Tracks

Tiara-Maria Wehbe is an aspiring singer from Los Angeles, USA. Along with her high school, she made sure to keep singing and is very passionate about it. Tiara is quite optimistic in life and hopes that one day, she will get be a top singing star.

The kind of genres Tiara-Maria Wehbe likes are major interest in Pop and R&B. She wishes to collaborate with many great talents and musicians who have similar interests. Tiara has done wonderful covers of songs like ‘Li Beirut’ and ‘Don’t Watch Me Cry’.

Last year in November, Tiara-Maria Wehbe released a fantastic track called ‘Provide’ which also featured Bayou. The song received a great response and one can hear it on Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, Deezer, Amazon Music and YouTube.

Taria is also fond if travelling. She wishes to travel more and more places this year. She was quite upset that 2020 wasn’t the year where one could explore the world. But hopes for a better 2021. Along with travelling, Tiara wants to get acquainted with different kinds of music in the world. She wants to learn and also perform gigs.

With her aspirations and talent, Tiara-Maria Wehbe has shown us how serious she is about her dreams. She says that to make her dream come true, she will focus on releasing more and more tracks and continue working on her passion.

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