Tiktok Star & Influencer Matthew Petitto Talks About Being Internet’s Favorite Funny Man

Matthew Petitto

Making people laugh is not an easy job. If someone is doing it, we can’t deny the fact that they are extremely talented and funny. In today’s time, social media has given a huge platform to a lot of skilled comedians and performers to entertain people. These people leave no chance to tickle our funny bones with their jokes, videos or memes. One such person is influencer Matthew Petitto.

An 18-year-old from Staten Island, New York has taken internet by the storm with his hilarious videos. Matthew, an actor-turned-influencer is internet’s favourite personality because of his creative TikTok videos. In 2019, Petitto joined the video sharing platform and there’s looking back. With his sense of humour, he got attention from a lot of people who cannot stop raving about his videos.

Today, TikTok star Matthew Petitto enjoys more than 3.7 million followers. Matthew Petitto’s videos go viral on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. With such a massive response and success for his TikTok video, Matthew got the confidence to join another popular social media platform called Twitch. Even on Twitch, his talent won and in just 2 weeks, his account hot verified.

Matthew Petitto feels grateful to all the love and amazing response he receives on his videos. He says that he loves to make people laugh and wants to keep on doing that. When asked about how he manages to get different content every time, Petitto says, “It’s all about being aware. Today, any video, post, movie/series dialogues or a picture can go viral. So if you create your content catering to the trending topics along with your own ideas, it’s a win-win.”

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