Tim Da Jeweler: Reimagining Customized Jewelry

Whether you wear a diamond-studded pendant around your neck or white gold grill upon your bottom set of teeth, a statement is being made. Quality design ensures that it is the right one. This is a reality that Jeweler aficionado, Tim Da Jeweler is well acquainted with.

Tim is an African-American custom jeweler who hails from Pittsburg, California. He is currently considered one of the top creative jewelers in the Bay Area. Tim serves as the stylistic head and owner of TSV Jewelers, a boutique jewelry company that specializes in men’s Hip Hop jewelry.

Tim does a combination of selling to the mass-market and customized pieces. He first began by purchasing earrings wholesale and reselling them to individuals, this eventually branched out into pendants, chains, bracelets, and more. But as Tim began to become more acquainted with the art of Jewelry he found himself fascinated with custom pieces.

“Jewelry can be complex, I like to say that the details are in the diamonds. There are CZ stones, lab simulated diamonds, real diamonds, moissanite, natural VS, and VVS. With all the innovation in the industry, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends.”

Tim has acquired skills that enable him to do everything from simple design to complex pieces with fine jewelry. It’s also enabled him to serve a much wider range of customers. “Some jewelers will turn people away if their budgets are smaller, I work with any and all budgets.” As a jeweler, Tim understands what a beautiful piece can do for someone’s style and confidence, being able to serve the masses has always been one of his goals.

Although Tim resides in the Bay Area, TSV is 100% virtual, allowing Tim to service customers anywhere around the world.

The future looks bright for Tim, he’s already had the chance to work with artists and celebrities like DB the General, Tour from Black Ink, Nia Kay, and Cory from MTV. As he continues to perfect his craft the opportunities will be endless.

He also plans to further develop his personal brand — Tim Da Jeweler. “I started operating under Tim Da Jeweler because I felt like it was important that people could put a face to the TSV Jeweler, it’s especially important as a black jeweler. I want to be able to serve my people, a lot of black people buy the jewelry but very few are selling. ”

You can learn more about Tim today on his personal website.

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