Tips for Women in Business

Mari landed her dream job as a medical device sales representative at 24. Her dream didn’t last long. Almost immediately after hiring her, the company had a massive layoff. Mari didn’t let this keep her down–she jumped headfirst into the real estate industry.

Using a combination of innovative marketing strategies and good old fashioned hard work, she was successful from the start. She made Rookie of the Year only three months after joining her brokerage. Now, she’s ready to share her tips and tricks to help other women be successful in their careers.

Network, Network, Network

Everyone will tell you to network, but no one tells you how to network. The biggest tip is you must network with purpose. Networking is more than just showing up to an event and giving your two-minute elevator speech. It is about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and diversifying your sphere of clientele.

Don’t get stuck talking to the same crowd of people every time you go out to the network. Seize multiple opportunities to speak to various groups of people and individuals. Present your value to everyone by listening and then offering ways to support them and their businesses. When they realize you have a value specific to them and their needs, that’s when you can start creating long-lasting relationships that can be beneficial to you both.

Become Self-Motivated

If you want to succeed as a businesswoman, you have to become motivated and keep yourself motivated, even when you face obstacles on your path to success. If you are struggling with this, try writing out your daily goals. This practice helps you visualize what you want to achieve and starts your day full of intention.

Morning exercise is another excellent way to start your day on the right foot and get your blood moving. Mari personally loves taking in the fresh air of the morning by running or walking along the beach. It helps her think outside of the box and feel refreshed before getting to work.

Lastly, she advises listening to others’ success stories. If they can do it, so can you. Listening to how others succeed in their preferred careers or careers similar to your own can be inspiring. It can also give you some insight into how you can make changes in your own success story. Look for patterns and try implementing them in your own life as well.

Mind Over Matter

There will be setbacks. That’s a part of life as much as it is a part of the business. Once you accept this and learn how to move past these setbacks, your path to success can begin.

The real winners of life are the ones who can take their rejections in stride. They see every twist and turn to their story as a lesson and learn from it. They keep focused, and no matter what, they keep moving forward.

Go Digital

If you want to be successful, you have to be everywhere. The cheapest and easiest way to do this? Social media and this means all social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tik Tok. All. Of. Them. Being on social media doesn’t mean you need to put on a show either.

The more authentic you stay to yourself, the more your clients will trust you. Everyone has something unique about them–show off your specialties, and the right clients will come to you.

Join Mari’s Real Estate Boot Camp

If you are a real estate agent or someone who is thinking about going into real estate, Mari’s Boot Camp can help you hone in on all of the skills listed above. Refer back to any of the materials when you hit roadblocks, or pull out Mari’s tips and tricks to refresh your mindset whenever you seek guidance. Even if you are a real estate veteran, this boot camp can help you realign your goals for additional success. Jumpstart your career feeling motivated and confident!



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