Tips to Optimize Websites for Local Search in 2019

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If you are a small to medium-sized business, you would be focusing on local search results indicating the interest you can generate in the local community. Establishing oneself at the top of local listings is highly important to usher in new customers. It is essential for most businesses to target the right communities, or geographic locations, and boost local online visibility in those places.

Here is how a business can stand out in a sea of competition with optimization tips to feature at the top of local searches in your domain:

1. Identify Local Search Terms

First and foremost, our attention needs to be focused on optimizing the site with local search terms that are aligned with those used by prospects in the area. Know what people are looking for with the Google AdWords keyword tool to find actual local keywords used in your niche that can boost search traffic.

Local search terms can include the domain, the geographic location, and even the type of service on offer. Check out what your intended prospects actually need and if your content can be optimized with the relevant bits of information.

2. Register on “Google My Business” Page

With the “Google My Business” option, one can get their business right into the local search results for those who are keen on finding the business on the search engine. One can even get the search engine to parse your business information faster than ever with photos and product details advertised for free! Just get your business a good introduction and then verify the location of the business physically and virtually.

3. Localize Your Site Content

If your business is based on different locations, you can create separate landing pages for each location. This helps in SEO activities with respect to grouping local service offerings and will give much-wanted visibility to your business based on the same locations. But be sure to avoid any kind of duplicate content.

Localize your content with the help of local search plugins like the Yoast plugin, Rio SEO, and the like. These solutions can go a long way in improving your website’s visibility in local search results and also in search engine rankings.

4. Pay Heed to Mobile Users

Most users who browse through the web are mobile users nowadays, as they increasingly use their devices to search for relevant information. It is revealed that there has been marked improvement year on year in mobile usage for searching relevant businesses.

A study by Localeze supports this trend, so businesses need to be serious about leveraging mobile local search to boost their business.

5. Crank Out Content Consistently With Local Case Studies

One of the most efficient ways to boost local search engine visibility is to create churn out fresh content with keywords consistently. Blogging on relevant topics with valuable keywords is one way to go about it. The number of posts on your sites will get search engines to index your site repeatedly, and the value of the site will increase day by day. Highlight local success stories after using your product or service, and those testimonials will do a lot of good to your brand image and company identity in the long run. Also, churn out product/services pages on an individual basis targeting the specific niche for intended customer retention.

All the aforementioned tips including “Google My Business” listings work in favour of boosting local search engine results effectively. Consistency is the key in this context.

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