Tips to Promote Your Shopify Store

Setting up your Shopify store is not enough. To increase traffic & conversion rate and drive more engagements, you need to continually promote your Shopify store. Yes, the promotion is the ultimate answer when it comes to getting more traffic and sales to their stores.

However, the promotion of your Shopify store depends on specific parameters like;

  • Your products, 
  • Marketing budget, 
  • Available time. 

The main hindrance in the way of your Shopify store marketing is that all your competitors are marketing their stores too. If you want to stand out, you have to find creative ways to cut through the noise. 

In order to help you with promoting your store, here are some useful tips that can help you to enhance the growth of your Shopify store;

1. Next-Level Optimization:

Firstly, you need to start by optimizing your store for search engines. SEO optimization is an essential and tricky step that needs to be done carefully and, if done so, will prove fruitful in the future of your store. When users want to find a relevant product, they search for it on search engines like Google. Therefore, by optimizing your Shopify store for relevant keywords, you can drive more qualified leads.

 – What are Relevant keywords

  • To appear in related searches, you need to integrate the right keywords on your page. You can find relevant keywords by conducting keyword research. 
  • Using a keyword research tool like KeywordsFX will help you find applicable terms for your product pages.
  • Long-tail keywords are better for your shop because they drive more relevant leads. Since long-tail keywords are precise, users have a more specific search intent and are more likely to check out your business since they’re also likely ready to convert.

2. Load Faster:

Website speed is crucial for a good user experience. You don’t ever want to wake up to the problem of loading your web pages. Users don’t want to wait for your site to load to buy your products.

Result of loading slowly;

  • If your site takes too long to load, you run the risk of people leaving your site and shopping at a competitor’s store. 

To eradicate this problem, you can use Google PageSpeed Insights to check your site’s current load time. It will enable you to see how quickly your site loads and what you can improve to drive better results.

3. Use the Power of Social media Ads:

We are now aware of the fact that social media has become a prominent part of our lives. People are engaged in various social media apps on a daily basis. That’s why many marketers suggest using social media advertising to help reach people interested in your business. 

Through these advertising campaigns, you can target and reach people who might be interested in your business or buying from your store. Apart from connecting, these social media platforms have now become powerful marketing platforms helping in advanced and right targeting. 

Some common platforms you can engage with includes;

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

How to set up the right Advertising Campaign?

#1: Use high-quality visuals: 

Ensure your visuals are clear, high-quality, and visually pleasing, so you can draw your audience in to learn about your business.

#2: Creative ad formats: 

Many social media platforms offer different ad formats, so don’t be afraid to experiment! The formats will vary depending upon the platform, but you must try other forms to figure out what works for your business.

#3: Monitor and refine: Make sure you monitor their performance and refine them as you get results. It will help you maximize your investment.

4. Take help from experts:

Yes – it does work. Hiring the right e-commerce marketing agency can drive growth and profit for your business. They will have all the required expertise and can save a lot of your time and efforts in setting up different marketing campaigns. Shopify Pro, as the name says, is an expert Shopify marketing agency that has a professional team of Shopify SEO experts. You can hire dedicated marketers and experts from them to achieve your marketing goals.

5. Distribute Flyers

Another tip that enables you to promote your business includes distributing flyers, as your promotion doesn’t have to be online. You can also do it offline. You can do this by creating some flyers and distributing them in locations where your target market is most likely to hang out. So if you are selling some yoga mats, you may want to distribute your flyer in the nearest yoga studios. You get the idea.

6. Free Samples to Bloggers

People love Freebies, which attracts them towards your store specifically. This strategy can drive thousands of buyers to your online store as blogger or influencer marketing. You can do this by looking for some of the biggest bloggers in your industry and then asking them to review your products. You can say that you will be sending some samples over and all they need to do is talk about it in their blog. You’ll be surprised at how many bloggers are interested in doing this.

7. Influencers promotion: 

Another common yet effective technique nowadays is to work with influencers. These are the people who cast a major impact on the buying behaviour of the people who are their fans. To work with influencers is through collaboration. You can ask to design a product that is based on them. It is an excellent ego-stroking method to get them to promote you.

Alternatively, you can also hold contests with influencers. This is where you sponsor the product that they will give away in exchange for promoting you to their followers.

You may also see that some influencers have discount codes named after them. Online store owners do this to get the influencer to promote their brand

8. OFFER Give-aways:

Give Away Coupons in Exchange for subscriptions towards your Shopify store is also a prevailing trick these days. 

The best way to do this is to offer an incentive in exchange for your customers’ emails. Sometimes, a simple discount coupon is all you need. In my experience, I found that the best time to promote this is when your customer is about to buy something. The discount would often entice them to sign up.

9. Advertise Your “coming soon” Sales

It is an effective way of making customers anticipate those goods they really want and constantly increasing their curiosity level per time. The urgency may let your customer buy once the product is up for sale.

10. Give Customers Outstanding Service

Whether you are running an online or physical business, your customers are the basis of your store. No store can run without customers. Therefore, you need to engage your audience that they are forced and facilitated to through you in such a way, they won’t look towards anyone else for future needs. 

However, if you have a good product but your customer service is very bad, it can drive potential customers away. Your customer retention rate and increase in your overall reputation among other competitors are possible with excellent customer service. 


The above discussed are a few crucial tricks that can be used to promote your Shopify business for its growth. However, by building the right marketing strategy, you can increase the sales and profit of your business. Apply these useful Shopify marketing tips and drive your targeted customers to your store. 

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