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With the holiday season fast approaching, brands are gearing up for battle. And by battle we mean ramping up their digital marketing to obliterate the competition. With the pandemic causing the majority of businesses to turn to e-commerce, never before has competition for consumers been so fierce.

It’s simply not enough to have a great product anymore, to survive brands need to accurately deploy the right digital marketing techniques to stand out during the holiday shopping period. If you’re starting to freak out about how to do so, don’t stress, because Social Season is here to make sure your brand brings the holiday cheer.

Specialising in online marketing for lifestyle and design brands in the eCommerce and subscription spaces, Melbourne-based digital marketing agency, Social Season, is quickly becoming the agency of choice for local and international brands. Co-founded in early 2018 by Erin Lyall and Ashlea O’Loughlin, the two have guided Social Season to success by assisting brands profitably grow their businesses through strategic online marketing and advertising campaigns.

With over 20 years of combined experience in digital marketing and publicity across a range of industries, Erin and Ashlea understand how each piece of the puzzle fits together when it comes to promoting brands and driving sales online.

Social Season pride themselves on being able to prove their expertise in developing and managing paid and organic social media strategies and online marketing campaigns through their 6-D process below.

  1. Discover – conducting an in-depth business intelligence and discovery process to gain a full picture of your business.
  2. Define – identifying and itemising in order of priority the levers you need to pull to start moving your business in the right direction.
  3. Develop – researching, developing and refining key messaging, copy, buyer personas, targeting, keywords, visual creative, landing pages, UX updates, and all the other aspects identified as being important to above levers.
  4. Deploy – campaigns or web development begins rolling out.
  5. Deliver – continuously analysing, testing, and optimising campaigns for continued success.
  6. Demonstrate – being a results-driven team, clients are provided with transparent and clear reporting containing all the data gathered.

 “Our number one goal is to strengthen our clients’ businesses,” states Ashlea. The agency does this by providing digital marketing services such as paid social media, search and display advertising, email marketing, messenger and SMS marketing, website conversion optimization and development and more. “No two businesses are the same,” says Erin, “Which is why we work with you to identify and tailor a personalised digital marketing strategy to grow and scale your brand profitably.”

Friendly, approachable, and always just a phone call away, Social Season is a service and solution-oriented business first, seeing their client’s successes as their own success. To learn more about how Social Season can help guide your brand to success this holiday season and beyond, you can request a free strategy call here.

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