Tony ‘Solo’ Hearst is one Businessman to Watch out for

Coming from a rough childhood path, Tony “Solo” Hearst took it upon himself to not only take a different turn in life but also be an inspiration to many. He was in and out of detention from 12, having been shot, robbed, and kidnapped.

He was caught in a federal case in 2004 that changed his life completely. The 33-year-old is now a visionary business leader who impacts many in his society. Tony has set a new meaning to life and wants to inspire the people around him to be the best they can be.


Tony “Solo” Hearst has come from the life of being shot, robbed, and kidnapped. He has been in detention numerous times as a teenager. At an encounter in 2004 in a federal case that led him to prison, it triggered him to change his ways for the best. Out of prison, he has brought his all in making a statement in the business world. 

He is the founder of various businesses under the Solo name. Solo, a word that came from his and his father’s trait of preferring alone time. The businesses include a restaurant (Solo Eats), Solo Unisex Salon, a trucking company, a collection agency.

He also ventured into bigger projects such as launching a recording studio this April, a sports agency, a clothing line named OG Thirty-Three. Tony is building a team with artists from Buffalo, Atlanta, Texas, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and last but not least North Carolina. He is also featured in a movie that relates to his life as one of the main characters to be released in June. Tony’s living life like he’s playing a game of Monopoly. He’s growing fast.


Tony “Solo” Hearst has portrayed heroism in his quest, inspiring many in his society, Buffalo and Texas. You can connect with him on Instagram. He has scaled his business to a multi-million dollar empire.  He owns a Restaurant, trucking company, real estate, barber and beauty shops collection agency and more.


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