Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Look out for in 2021

The business world is forever changing and now more accessible to pretty much everyone with a smartphone, these entrepreneurs have changed their way of thinking and have chosen to make lemonade out of lemons, persevering through these unprecedented times.

The entrepreneurs listed have demonstrated growth and innovation with their business approach, here are the Top 10 Entrepreneurs to look out for in 2021.

Julia Jolie 

Julia Jolie is a businesswoman, luxury estate Agent to the Stars and Lifestyle Influencer who lives in Beverly Hills, CA. She was born in Russia and raised in Germany. Julia beat the odds to rise to success against the backdrop of poverty and wants to empower girls all over the world to follow their dreams no matter what their circumstances are.

Her newest venture is Malibu Organics an all-natural and organic skincare line that she started after her second child was born. She realized that all luxurious, organic skincare was way too overpriced and she wanted to create something available to everyone.

Being surrounded by Hollywood’s elite, she knew all the skincare secrets from the stars and with ingredients that actually work. Jolie created Malibu Organics to bring the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to everyone! You don’t have to have the wallet of a movie star to have access to the best of Hollywood‘s skincare!

Instagram: @Therealjuliajolie

Evan Luthra

Evan Luthra is an Indian entrepreneur and angel investor, who builds fast-growing technology  companies. He got his first taste of business in his teens when he first started developing mobile apps, before delving deeper into other ventures, he sold his first company for 7 figures landing him on a TEDx stage at only 17.

Luthra is the founder of multiple companies one of which is Start-Up Studio, an incubator fund. The fund has over 10 million users across the world in over 20 dozen countries. To this day, Luthra has a combined market cap of $10B in companies he’s invested in and built via Start-Up Studio.

Evan’s other lucrative sources of income include investing heavily in cryptocurrencies. Luthra has an impressive honorary PhD in Blockchain, under his belt.

Instagram: @Evanluthra

Marcela Iglesias 

Marcela Iglesias is an Argentinian American businesswoman, based in Los Angeles. She owns multiple companies including EdgeCross-X, a fitness system designed for core training. Her recent endeavour has her delving into the NFT world. Iglesias also known as the Queen of Hollywood, has recently minted her very own non-fungible token, CyptoBarbie.

The unique aspect of the her token is that every owner gets a hand delivered personalized pillow from the Queen of Hollywood herself.

Instagram: @Marcelaiglesiashollywood

Chris Fabregas 

Award-winning photographer Chris Fabregas captures the essence of nature’s beauty and brings the magic of the outdoors into peoples homes and offices. Fabregas is known for his inspirational canvas prints which have been featured on a billboard in Times Square, magazines, and news publications around the world.

Since 2017, Chris has sold more than 4,000 prints to people in 36 counties. His reach has now expanded to NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) that people are currently craving for their digital modern art collections.

Fabregas’ vivid and pure images leverage sophisticated digital technology to capture a level of detail that is absolutely stunning. They are presented on high-quality metal, canvas, and museum-grade paper, which makes his appeal that much greater.

His art is featured in the homes of celebrities such as Dancing With The Stars’ James Maslow, LA Dodgers Max Muncy, and USA National soccer star Cristian Roldan.

Instagram: @Chrisfabregas

Lucien Ndabagera

Lucien Ndabagera is a French entrepreneur who has his hands in multiple pies from private aviation, yachting and technology. He is the founder of Lund Group, Mon Avion and his newest venture TCHIIN a social media platform designed for the ultra-rich and famous. The invite-only app merges social networking with concierge.

His company TCHIIN has been making a lot of noise in the industry recently, despite launching at the height of the pandemic back in 2020. The application is thought to be valued in the millions.

Instagram: @Lucienndabagera

Georgia Portogallo 

Georgia Portogallo is a 20-year-old entrepreneur based in North Lincolnshire, UK. She is the founder of Georgia Portogallo Ltd, a social media growth and management company, which focuses on helping thousands of people across the world, grow their social media profiles and businesses.

In 2018 Georgia saw a gap in the market and decided to write and create Online Programmes, Courses & Webinars to help individuals and businesses with social media growth.

Her company has grown throughout the pandemic and has seen her open a new HQ, kitted with seminar rooms, content creation sets and meeting rooms.

Instagram: @Georgiaportogallo

Léo-Paul Anaya 

Léo-Paul Anaya is a 22-year-old, French businessman. He is the founder of multiple businesses such as the Business Club Entrepreneur, a mentoring/coaching class for budding entrepreneurs.

Mon Pti’ Dej, a B2B breakfast delivery app and Angel, his newest venture, an application that aims to disrupt the male-dominated private chauffeur (VTC) industry by providing equality and safety for women worldwide. Women driving women making it a 100% woman based VTC organisation. Anaya’s Angel promises to donate 5% per trip to any charity of choice.

Instagram: @Leopaul_anaya

Lora Vanderbilt 

Lora Vanderbilt is a Dutch entrepreneur who developed a love for business at a very young age. Her first venture was in Marketing and she further pursued Business Consulting. As the founder of Vanderbilt & Raffort Consulting Group, she advises small businesses as well as fortune 500’s on fields such as marketing, management, sales and more.

Despite the pandemic, Vanderbilt splits her time between Amsterdam and Paris, where her headquarters are based, with satellite offices in Monaco and Dubai.

Instagram: @Lora.vanderbilt


Maged Mohammed Maldini 

Maged Maldini is an Egyptian businessman based in Qatar, who started his very first venture at 16. He owns various businesses in the sports, Gold, real estate, hospitality and supplements industries.

Maldini later became a pilot and was awarded for being the first commercial pilot who got his license in just five months in the Middle East and the Gulf.

Becoming a pilot allowed Maged to travel the world at a young age. His real estate investment firm has properties for rental and sale across London, UAE and Egypt. He owns multiple padel courts in Cairo and Luxor, Egypt.

Instagram: @Magedmaldini

Azza Halim M.D

Dr Azza Halim is a medical entrepreneur, innovator and a board-certified Anesthesiologist/CCM and Functional Medicine/Aesthetics Physician. She creates customized anti-ageing treatment plans and beauty and wellness solutions for her clients. Aside from that Halim is a National speaker/educator. Her Medspa Consulting company has locations in Florida, California, Chicago and NY with future plans of offering her expertise in Dubai.

Dr Halim’s medical journey began at Northwestern University in Chicago. She then went on to do an internship in internal medicine. Halim has made a name for herself in the industry, making her a highly sought Multispeciality expert, who holds leadership positions for various Aesthetic and Biologic entities.

She has been featured in Buzzfeed for her Carboxytherapy with PDO threads trademark treatment for Cellulite and nonsurgical skin rejuvenation as well as being a Key Opinion Leader in Aesthetics and Antiaging/Functional medicine has been featured in Byrdie, MAED, amongst many others.

Instagram: @Azzamdbeauty

There you have it, the Top 10 Entrepreneurs to look out for in 2021. All coming from different backgrounds, who share the same love and passion for business. These entrepreneurs are the one’s to watch this year, follow them to see where their entrepreneurial journey takes them.


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