Top 10 Jarvee Alternatives for 2021

Top 10 Jarvee Alternatives for 2021

Instagram isn’t slowing down anytime soon, which means it’s time to optimize your Instagram strategy now. Growing your Instagram followers is no easy task, and it can be time-consuming to engage with all of the users in your target audience, taking away valuable time from your content strategy. 

Without awesome content, it’s not likely that you’ll gain more followers anyway, and then all of your hard work will have been in vain. For that reason, your best bet is to take advantage of the many Instagram tools out there that can help get you the growth you need. 

With so much competition on the Instagram platform these days, consistently gaining new followers and generating interest around your Instagram profile is one of the most important things you can do. 

Engagement is increasingly important on Instagram as well, which means you not only need followers, but a healthy balance of likes, comments, views, and shares.

While Jarvee has been a relatively popular tool, it is by no means the only one that can help supercharge your Instagram growth. Jarvee has faced lots of issues with their Instagram automation over the last 18 months – to the point where a lot of people are claiming Jarvee is not working anymore.

The 10 alternatives to Jarvee we’re about to cover are more effective and more focused on results; they can help you reclaim your time and bring in the most bang for your buck in terms of Instagram growth. Let’s take a look and see what these Jarvee alternatives can do for you. 

Top Jarvee Alternatives

1. Growthoid 

Growthoid - Jarvee alternative

The top Jarvee alternative on the market, Growthoid is an excellent option to get more real Instagram followers. Growthoid is a manual Instagram growth service, which means it will provide you real, natural Instagram growth, just as if you were doing it yourself. 

The great thing about Growthoid is that each of their clients gets a dedicated account manager, so as Growthoid works on growing your account, you’ll know who is in charge of your Instagram growth, which is good for peace of mind. 

When you sign up with Growthoid, your account manager will ask you to provide your targeting instructions; they will then hand-pick users to engage with, making sure that your growth is ultra-targeted to the people that you are most interested in having as followers. 

This is great for your social cred as well as for driving results through your Instagram with higher levels of engagement and people who are actually interested in your content. 

Growthoid has monthly plans with no term commitment that can work with any budget. What’s more, their support team is top-notch with really quick response times; they work so quickly in order to give yo

2. Growthsilo 


Another great manual option for Instagram growth is Growthsilo, a fully-managed Jarvee replacement that will help you build your real, targeted Instagram follower base. 

Growsilo utilizes dedicated account managers to follow your targeting instructions and engage with users in your target audience. This is the #1 proven method to grow your Instagram followers. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to spend your own time doing it— Growthsilo will do it for you. 

Growthsilo offers two flexible monthly plan options, as well as advanced targeting features that can help you gain even better results. 

The good thing about having more targeted Instagram followers is that your engagement levels will go up; when users are actually interested in your account, they will be more inclined to follow you, engage with your content, and even become customers. 

Growthsilo is a reliable service that keeps your information safe and their team always works diligently to ensure you get the best Instagram growth results possible. 

3. MoreLikes 


As you can see, engagement is king on the Instagram platform, so the better your engagement levels are, the more likely your account will perform better. More people will want to view your content if you have more likes and more comments.

If you’re looking for real credibility on Instagram, engagement is what gives it to you. People will check out your photo, and if you’ve got 25 likes as opposed to 2500, people will view your content differently. 

MoreLikes is an awesome service that will help you to get more likes on your content, which will help perpetuate more interest in your content and therefore gain you more real followers.

The great thing about MoreLikes is that they provide real likes from real users, which is much better for the health of your account. Not only that, you won’t have to worry about being flagged by Instagram. 

When you post new content, MoreLikes detects it automatically and will begin to provide your new content with exactly what their name insinuates— more likes. 

They have three flexible and affordable plan options, and they also have a money-back guarantee. MoreLikes is a powerful tool that can help you to build your reputation as well as your followers. 

You could even use it with a service like Growthoid or Growthsilo to drive your results even more. 

4. Task Ant 


Hashtags are one of the most powerful ways to gain Instagram followers, but oftentimes, users don’t know how to optimize their hashtag strategy and always stay on top of new and trending hashtags. 

Another problem that users run into is using over-general hashtags that aren’t going to gain you any targeted results, which doesn’t help your business performance on Instagram. The most common reason for this is that people just don’t know which hashtags to use. 

Task Ant is the most powerful Instagram hashtag generation tool that you can use to find out which hashtags are trending, which ones are recommended for and related to your niche, as well as what your competition is up to and how things are performing. 

The cool thing about Task Ant is that they have a free option, as well as a few paid options that will get you more search results when you want to generate new hashtags. Their regular paid plan is really affordable and will give you up to 100 suggestions when you search for a hashtag. 

It’s awesome, and it’s so great to be able to then put those hashtags into sets for easy posting. You also don’t have to track them using an outside source, which is so useful in terms of staying organized. 

5.  Combin


A well-respected Instagram tool, Combin will allow you to schedule future posts, manage multiple accounts, as well as track your account growth and activity. 

Combin has a couple of different options depending on the features you need, so you can pick and choose what works best for you. A great thing about Combin is that they have a free option as well, so you can test them out and see how things work before you give it a go on one of their plans. 

Combin is trusted by thousands of clients worldwide and have been featured in Forbes, which is always a great sign that you’re getting something worthwhile. 

6. Upleap 


Upleap is one of the more well-known Jarvee alternatives out there, and they have a trusted service that has satisfied many clients. One cool thing about upleap is that they offer a user-friendly platform. 

Their service is automated, which can sometimes cause some problems with Instagram, but the good thing is that Upleap has human account monitors that will make sure things are running smoothly, minimizing the risks of automation. 

They have a lot of positive reviews and some credible references, so they may be a good choice if you’re looking to try out automation. 

Automation isn’t always the best source for Instagram growth, so not all companies will work. 

7. Trusy 


Trusy is a great option for Instagram growth in terms of building your follower count and also shifting towards monetization of Instagram. They have a lot of different packages that can suit any budget and will allow you to gain a variety of engagements and followers as well. 

Trusy is a bit more expensive than other services on this list, so they may not be feasible for everyone, but they do have great customer service and can help you to see real Instagram follower growth. 

8. Gramiety 


Gramiety is a great Instagram tool that is managed by humans, which is always important in terms of Instagram growth that uses automation. 

You’ll get exposure to people in your target audience that will actually be interested in your content with no risk of being flagged or banned from suspicious account activity. 

9. Famoid 


Famoid is a great option if you’re looking to grow various social media accounts all at once, as they offer a wide range of services for many different platforms. 

They have provided Instagram followers in the millions over the years, and have a very active support team that can help with any issues that may arise. Famoid is a trusted provider of Instagram growth. 

10. Media Mister  

Media Mister

One of the oldest providers of Instagram followers and engagements, if you’re looking for a quick boost, Media Mister can help. It’s the last Jarvee alternative on our list, but not the least effective.

They also provide engagements for not only Instagram but for other social media platforms as well. That’s great if you’re looking for cross-platform growth. 

Why Instagram Follower Quality Matters 

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2020: A Comprehensive Guide

While there are still a variety of services out there that will sell you packaged Instagram followers and engagements, they’re really not up to par in terms of real and sustainable Instagram growth. 

When you buy packaged Instagram followers, you will see a quick boost, but it won’t have the positive and long-lasting results that you need to grow your account in the long run. 

The services we’ve listed above can help you get real, targeted Instagram growth, and that’s the most important thing. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why that really matters. 

Engagement Drives the Instagram Algorithm

Instagram Algorithm

In the past, the biggest indicator of Instagram’s success was a high follower count. That means you’d have a lot of followers, which most people associated with popularity and a good reputation. 

Slowly but surely, however, people realized that most of these followers were purchased, which means they weren’t valuable and they didn’t do anything to engage with your account or drive business results. This trend faded fast. 

If you are looking to be an influencer, or if you’re a brand, business, or creator looking to boost your conversion or engagement, buying fake followers isn’t the answer, and it will actually hurt your Instagram performance. 

In order to see any results that align with Instagram goals, engagement is the key indicator of success these days. If you don’t have engagement, your content won’t perform well against the Instagram algorithm, and you won’t be able to achieve much of anything. 

Your follower to engagement ratio is the key indicator of brand popularity, profitability, and Instagram performance. For that reason, you need real followers who actually care about your content. It makes total sense, at the end of the day. 

Your Reputation is on the Line 


When people see a high follower count, they’re also expecting to see high levels of engagement. This is what indicates that you are a reputable brand, business, influencer, or creator, and this will help to drive performance. 

When you have high engagement, you will have a better reputation through social cred— that means people will trust you more, and they will feel more enthusiastic about you. Engagement perpetuates more engagement, so that’s very important. 

If you have a bunch of followers that aren’t engaged or a bunch of bot activity on your profile, your reputation decreases, which can, in some cases, be impossible to recover from. Don’t run the risk of ruining your reputation through low-quality or fake followers. 

Use Instagram growth tools like the ones mentioned on this list in order to maintain a high reputation and social cred. 

Instagram Removes Fake Followers

Fake Followers

If the above commentary wasn’t enough to convince you, this one just might. When you buy fake followers, Instagram won’t keep them around for long. 

If you notice, many of the companies that sell Instagram followers mention a disclaimer about followers disappearing and losing followers over time. While real followers always have the option to unfollow, losing followers in droves isn’t likely to make that happen unless you have posted some seriously offensive content. 

The reason that these followers disappear over time is that they are fake, and Instagram goes through and clears out the users and profiles that are fake, bot, or inactive. This is why these Instagram follower companies state upfront that you will lose followers over time— because they know Instagram is going to get rid of them. 

Ultimately, when you buy fake followers, you’re just buying a ticking time bomb; these followers will drop off, you’ll lose the money you invested, and you won’t see any business results from them. 

It’s better to use organic Instagram growth methods to make sure that you set your Instagram up for success in the long term and not just for a few quick followers. 

How to Drive Your Instagram Growth Service Results 

All in all, tools similar to Jarvee that are organic are going to have the most benefit for your account, so you’ll want to use those for sure. When you contract an Instagram growth service that uses organic growth methods, you have to ensure that your Instagram strategy is also optimized. 


Instagram growth services do things naturally, so they will be driving traffic to your Instagram, but you want to make sure that you give those new viewers something to stick around for in terms of content and offerings. 

Let’s take a look at some strategies that will help you get the best results from your organic Instagram growth service. 

Create Killer Content 

The main show on Instagram is the content, so it’s no surprise that in order to remain competitive on the platform, you have to have awesome content. 

So, how can you create awesome content? 

Know what type of content performs best on your profile; you can use metrics that you can track through Instagram insights, or you can use a third party analytics tool. 

In any case, knowing your performance will help you to make sure you are continually performing well in terms of content. 

Not only that, you’ll want to make sure that your profile has a consistent brand image from start to finish. That means you should optimize your bio information, as well as profile picture and story highlight cover albums. 

If you feel like you’re stuck and haven’t been able to get your design elements right, Canva is an excellent tool that provides templates for Instagram posts, stories, as well as story highlight album covers; this can give you a real edge in terms of beautiful and brand-representative aesthetics.

Use Hashtags


While Instagram growth services work to bring you more targeted followers, hashtags will double their efforts, getting your content seen by even more people. 

When you use hashtags on Instagram, your content is placed in content feeds using those hashtags. That means anyone who views those hashtags or follows that hashtag feed will be able to see your content, which can get more users to view your profile and content. 

If you have good engagement on your posts, you can even end up in the “top” section of a hashtag feed, which means more users will see your content even still. This is a great way to grow your Instagram, and using a tool like Taskant in addition to a growth service can triple your results. 

There are no set rules for how many hashtags you should use per post, so testing and watching your Instagram analytics will help you make that determination based on results. Make sure that you set your account to public so that your content will be seen by more people; if your account is private, your posts will only appear in the hashtag feeds to people who already follow you, effectively eliminating the discoverability of hashtags. 

Use all Instagram Features 

Instagram has been continuously developing their features over the years, and people love to see it. Instagram users are fans of all the features on Instagram, from Instagram stories to IGTV. The more well-rounded your content, the more likely you will gain more traction and more followers. 

For example, Instagram stories have increased the average time spent on Instagram by 28 minutes per user, which is huge. If you are absent from that feature, you are missing out on a big chance for visibility. 

Not only that, when a new user sees your profile for the first time, they can tell if you have an active Instagram story available. A colored ring appears around your profile photo when you have an active Instagram story to view, so your account looks more polished and more engaging when a new user sees it for the first time. 

Not only that, you can offer users extended content through reels, IGTV, as well as carousel posts, and video content. Take advantage of all the awesome content features on Instagram and make sure that you have a good balance on your profile, and that you post frequently and respond to your engagement (comments, DMs) in a timely manner. 

Study Your Target Audience 

Advanced Targeting

The final way to help your growth service work for you is to know more about your target audience. You should know which users you want to target; what’s their gender, their location, their age? When are they on the platform? What kind of content do they typically look at— what are some accounts your target audience is likely to follow? What hashtags would they follow? 

The more specific you can be about this information, the better your Instagram growth results will be. For example, if you give your account manager a targeting instruction for the hashtag #beautiful, there’s no way that you’ll get any real targeted followers, as that’s not even niche-specific. 

This is another mistake that people make when using growth services, and then get upset when their results aren’t so great. You have to be very specific about your target instructions and what your target audience likes so that you can gain those users’ attention. 

If you are lost and need help, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to your account manager and see if you can brainstorm some new or better options. 

Wrap Up: Jarvee Alternatives 

Jarvee has been a popular option for Instagram growth for a while, but using services that aren’t automated is always the best way to grow your Instagram followers. 

The Jarvee alternatives on this list can get you a leg up on the competition and help to boost your real followers, ultimately helping you to reach your Instagram goals much faster and gain even better results from your social media marketing. 

Don’t forget to keep working on your overall Instagram strategy through the tips above, and you’re bound to see better performance on your Instagram account. 

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