Top 25 Instagram Growth Services of 2020

If you want to capitalize on the Instagram market, then you need to focus your efforts on growing a targeted following that’s interested in your niche. The good news is that no matter what you specialize in, there’s an audience on Instagram ready to consume the content you’re serving.

If you want to supercharge your growth, take a look at these 25 Instagram growth services to use in 2020 and beyond.

1. YoViral

YoViral lets you buy likes and views from real, active Instagram users. Depending on what your needs are, you can have all of them delivered at one time or gradually at the rate you request. It also doesn’t matter how many times you post each day, as there are no caps or limits. Each new post will receive the engagement you need.

If you want continuous growth, then any of YoViral’s monthly plans will work for you. They automatically detect any new uploads within 30 seconds to start sending likes and views. This increases the likelihood it will show up in the Discover tab, which will help your content go viral. Ordering is as easy as two clicks—it just takes your username, choosing the plan you want, and your delivery speed preference.

2. ViralRace

Need to jumpstart your Instagram account activity? ViralRace sells 100% real engaged followers, along with likes and views. With the platform, your content is pushed to active Instagrammers who are already known for liking content that’s like yours.

This approach ensures you’ll quickly gain likes and followers after placing your order. You have the option to have everything delivered instantly or gradually, depending on your goals and preferences. You’ll get real engagement whenever you post, so it’s a great way to build social proof, fast.

3. SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain makes it easy to automate nearly all Instagram interactions. It uses highly robust  Targeting features to make sir you are building a following that is interested in the content you have to share. It also helps to get rid of fake spam accounts.

The SmartGrowth module allows it to use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to become even faster and more efficient over a time period. The SmartGrowth module is available on the Turbo plan. It operates 10 times faster than regular plans. All plans feature real-time analytics and growth reports so you can see your progress.

4. Buzzoid

Buzzoid offers different packages so that you can choose what works best for your needs and your budget. With it, you can buy real likes and followers and use it without providing sensitive information or access to your account. All you need to do is provide your username.

If you’re not satisfied with the quality or delivery of your order,  they will provide a refund and offer 24-hour support so you can get what you need, fast.

5. Instapromote

Instapromote is another platform that allows you to buy followers, likes, and views. Everything is delivered quickly, and from authentic accounts that are within your target audience.

Packages are available at multiple price points, and you can even purchase customized followers and auto-like packages so you have something that goes along with your social media promotion strategies.

6. Hyperplanner

Hyperplanner is an Instagram growth platform that’s actually an agency that focuses solely on helping their clients grow their Instagram accounts.

For $149/month, they’ll research your brand and target audience to help you build a highly targeted audience of real followers. You’ll also be able to change your targeting at any time, should you find you’re not getting the results you’re looking for.

7. Ampfluence

Ampfluence is another platform that doesn’t rely on using bots to help you grow your Instagram following. Instead, they use real humans and do everything you would normally do on your Instagram account, but do it for you.

Because of this, the fees are higher than many other services out there. With prices starting at over $100 a month, this service is cost-prohibitive for many smaller accounts and businesses.

8. Kicksta

All it takes to join Kicksta is an email address. The main focus of this platform is gradual activity, so as not to flag Instagram and risk getting your account shut down. WIth Kicksta, you’ll be able to increase your targeted following, rather than ending up with an account full of fake spam accounts.

The Kicksta software works 24/7 to build your audience and engagement, so all you have to do is continue to provide quality content. You’ll get regular reports of your engagement so you can adjust your strategy as needed, and you can customize your plan to your needs and budget.

9. Upleap

Upleap is another agency-style platform where you are matched with an account manager to boost your Instagram following and engagement. They don’t use bots, and what’s great is they offer a three-day free trial so you can see what kind of work they do before you commit to making a payment.

Your account manager will connect with you immediately to ask questions so they can target their approach to help your brand reach your ideal audience, and they can localize your audience if necessary.

10. Instamber

Instamber is another Instagram bot. The automatic app means you’ll be able to let go of the monotonous part of social media and focus more of your time on the content creation side of things. They use a variety of sophisticated targeting methods to help you reach people that are interested in your content.

The cloud-based software means there’s nothing to download on your computer, which is nice. If you’re not sure what to expect, you can sign up for a free three-day trial to see what it is like before you make a purchase.

11. Social Sensei

Social Sensei is an agency approach to social media management and growth. After you sign up and provide information about your goals and target audience, they will craft a tailored social media strategy to build your audience based on the community that is most likely to support your offering.

You’ll get a dedicated account manager, and if you want, they’ll even handle the content creation side of things for you – such as creating Instagram highlights and stories. They can retouch photos, edit videos, create infographics, and more. As a bonus, they work with Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube, too, but those plans must be purchased separately.

12. Fanbump

Fanbump is an agency-style approach to Instagram account growth that doesn’t use bots or fake accounts. You’ll get a dedicated account manager to address your concerns and target your audience to your needs.

You will need to set up a call with the CEO to get started, but you’ll have access to detailed reporting so you can see the results and make adjustments as needed.

13. Jarvee

Jarvee is a Windows-based social media automation software that works with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube. With it, you can schedule your posts in advance.

You can also use tools to auto-repost, find people to follow, follow people back, unfollow, conduct hashtag research, user research, automatically comment, and manage your direct messages. If you don’t use Windows, you can also install Jarvee on a virtual Windows machine or VPN.

14. Instato

Instato is a platform for complete Instagram automation. It’s easy to schedule posts, increase your follower account, conduct hashtag research, and more. You can even respond to comments with it, too. To get the right balance, though, you’ll need to find the right settings. This is different from many other bot platforms out there because it makes it easy to manage multiple Instagram accounts from one dashboard.

Instato offers multiple packages so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Because there’s no contract, you can cancel any time.

15. SocialEmpire

SocialEmpire is a social media marketing service that works with Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Instead of bot activity, they use their premium networks of more than 5 million targeted users to help you grow your presence, along with sponsored placements with more than 600 web partners to help you grow.

And, they’ll use influencer marketing to tweet, post, and share your content with their followers. You can buy Instagram followers, likes, auto likes, and views, depending on what your needs are.

16. Mr. Insta

Though the name would lead you to believe it is an Instagram-only platform, Mr. Insta also supports Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify, Pinterest, and YouTube. They offer the most packages and services on their Instagram plans.

You can buy followers, automatic followers, likes, automatic likes, views, and comments. There are package deals, and the ability to secure free followers. However, it’s likely the free followers are bots, so they don’t really offer any real value to your account.

17. Skweezer

Skweezer is a growth platform that allows you to buy followers, active followers, comments, likes, and views. Every account is real, and they get paid a share of your order payment for following you. They do not use bots to deliver their services.

18. Kenji

Kenji is another Instagram bot that offers a free three-day trial so you can see what it does before you decide to purchase a plan. It uses AI to build your audience and increase your engagement with people who are likely to be interested in the content you share.

This way, you still get a targeted audience without having to spend all the time it takes to nurture the followers and relationships.

19. Follow Adder

Follow Adder handles everything you may want to automate on Instagram, including scheduled posts, likes, followers, comments, and hashtag research.

You can use it to follow users that are following accounts like yours to build the targeted audience you need to accelerate growth and engagement.

20. Sara Agency

Sara Agency is Instagram automated software that claims to grow your account 40x faster than other companies. You’ll be able to automate all the routine tasks. You can promote by competitor accounts, geolocation, and hashtags.

You’ll have full control over how you’d like to target. There are no limits on the number of accounts you can manage with the platform. You can pay by the week or by the month.

21. Gramista

Gramista is a bot that promises to help you grow your Instagram following and engagement levels. With it, you’ll get real followers.

What’s nice is you can buy the service by the day – paying less than $2 for a single day, and less than $90 for 90 days – with the option to purchase for three days, a week, 30 days, and 60 days, too, so you can find the package that works for your budget.

22. Trusy

Trusy is another Instagram growth platform that doesn’t use bots or fake accounts. They use real people and provide you with a dedicated account manager for the life of your membership. Pricing starts at $189 a month, though it often goes on sale. With this plan, you can expect to receive 400 to 600 new followers per month and 100 to 125 likes per post.

You’ll get a free account audit and unlimited customer service. The mid-tier plan also offers access to a brand collab database, and the highest tier offers that along with power likes. Mid and high-tier plans also offer more followers and likes per post every month.

23. Firing Table

Firing Table is an agency platform that promises organic growth in your account following for just $29.95 per month.

You’ll get your own account manager who will meet with you and learn more about your business and how you want to target your users for engagement. You focus on content, and they handle your following and engagement growth.

24. Stellation Media

Where a lot of platforms focus on your overall Instagram account, Stellation Media focuses on your Instagram Stories. Connect your account on the dashboard, choose the target audience you want.

Then, your account starts viewing Stories that are from accounts that match the target audience you’re after. From there, the Instagrammer will be able to see that you viewed their story (and your account can view thousands in a short time) so it encourages them to follow and engage with you.

25. Combin

If you want to address automation, analytics, and post scheduling for Instagram with a single tool, then Combin is a great solution. You can only use it to manage a single Instagram account at a time, but the free plan is enough to get started.

Plus, if you don’t want to use the scheduling features, you don’t have to sign up for that plan – you can just sign up for the growth plan that allows you to target people to follow and work toward improving your engagement.

Combin software is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux devices that run the Ubuntu operating system.

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