Innovative Agencies to Watch in 2021

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In an increasingly crowded marketing landscape, business leaders at every level are confronted with a paralyzing volume of choices. Many wonder, what does an agency committed to my success look like? Below, we introduce 14 top agencies pledged to the cause of providing clients with superior service and innovative solutions.

These agencies have remained cutting-edge by aligning their success with producing top of the line results for their clients. Led by a deep understanding that their clients’ growth informs their own, the following agencies have demonstrated three key qualities: a) commitment to agile, responsive solutions, b) client success obsession, and c) market leadership.

  1. Deloitte Digital
    One of the largest marketing consultancies in the world, Deloitte Digital commands billions in annual billings. Being earnestly led by the ethos that “the truest measure of Deloitte is not how big we are, where we operate, nor what services we offer—it’s the impact we make in the world” has allowed Deloitte Digital to remain a titan in the space not on brand weight alone, but also by consistently pioneering positive business transformation for their clients. Innovation without impact is just an intellectual exercise. We are in the business of transforming the way we work and how we serve our clients—in a way that measurably improves lives, profits, and the value we bring to the world.”
  2. VaynerMedia
    Established by the iconic garage sale-flipping, turn-lemons-into-lemonade hustler Gary Vaynerchuck, industry maverick VaynerMedia prides itself on “deeply practical” work that never loses sight of centering “real people.” Where competitors peacock for awards on slickly-produced TV slots, VaynerMedia has always remained scrappy and in touch with what real end consumers are doing and watching; the firm made its first $5 million in revenue with work all shot on smartphones and continues to win business away from bigger legacy agencies.
  3. 4Media Marketing
    4Media is a direct-to-consumer ecommerce marketing agency that has spent over $60M in ads, founded by virtuoso marketer Eddie Maalouf. One of the few ecom companies that has scaled horizontally, 4Media innovatively kept up with whatever it took to create success for their clients by developing a solution more holistic and expanded than paid advertising alone. With their direct value to clients being represented in billions of dollars of revenue added to carts, they have rightfully trailblazer a bright, profitable name for themselves in the space.
  4. Allie Bloyd Media
    Recognizing how local and independent businesses, a staple of American society, were underserved by freelancers and marketing agencies, Allie Bloyd created proprietary systems and growth strategies to address this, leveraging a deep understanding of their operations and the greatest challenges they face. Alongside her services, Allie’s mentorship programs also teach local business owners how to take their business growth fully and predictably into their own hands. Her earnest commitment to solving the problems that these independent owners face has won her wide industry acclaim as an expert in local business marketing.
  5. Deviant Marketing
    Not only did this personal injury attorney marketing agency develop a technical marketing strategy that allowed for geo-targeting so precise they had to turn it over to the FBI lest it fall into the wrong hands, they’ve also been featured in technical journals on the use of algorithms in law, been named Innovators by Crain’s Business, and have won Law Firm Social Media Campaign of the year twice. Founded by former Loyola law professor Drew Vaughn, Deviant is a pack of self-described innovation dorks: they recently invented a new approach to ranking on search engines that is “mindblowing in its efficiency – think top ranks on Google in months rather than years,” a huge win for their personal injury attorney clients.
  6. Patient Rhino
    Led by intense focus on “linearly solving problems” faced by medical spa owners lacking in consistent client flow and sales skills, the team at Patient Rhino led by Nicholas Korom and Brett Watts help their clients free their time and take home more profit by prioritizing selling bigger “Mommy Makeover” and “Daddy Do-Over” packages – these serve their clients at a higher level while allowing the business owner to raise prices and truly charge what they are worth. This thoughtful, client-focused problem solving led Patient Rhino to collecting $1M in their first year in business, and generating many multiple millions of increased revenue for their med spa owner clients.
  7. Double X Digital
    A leader in the HVAC and contractor marketing space, founders Brandon Spears and Jose A. Sanchez built their aggressively successful niche-dominating marketing agency by constant, data-driven testing and system adaptation, always meeting their clients where they are and responding to the unique needs of working-class business owners. Double X Digital offers the only Pay Per Appointment marketing model in the space. Eliminating the burdensome, often scary default of marketing retainers, their HVAC clients only pay when they give an estimate for a system replacement.
  8. CaseFuel
    Keenly and tenaciously driven by finding best practices to grow his clients’ law firms and generating millions in the pursuit, CaseFuel founder Jan Roos wrote a bestselling book on the subject, The Legal Marketing Fastlane. Integrating the valuable lesson that success always leaves clues, CaseFuel studied their best performing clients to help all their attorneys double their case files without increasing spend by focusing on intake process refinement, alongside adaptive paid traffic acquisition methods.
  9. Holon Publishing
    Helmed by singular force of nature Jeremy Gotwals, Holon Publishing helps leaders write and publish bestselling books, build life-changing brands, and share their stories with the world. Holon is changing the landscape of storytelling by providing self-sustaining ecosystems for creators, thought leaders, and change-makers. Through many years of iteration and a truly classic, scrappy visionary-entrepreneurial spirit, Holon has nailed down a process that provides a vehicle for leaders to receive rockstar treatment that they would normally only get from large publishers and media companies.
  10. Maximum Floats
    A veritable king in growing float center businesses, Maximum Floats – started by Alex Grieco and Kyle Robins – completely flipped the industry on its head by moving away from using discounts to attract clients and focusing deeply instead on programs that solved a problem. By creating 6 week programs that help people release stress, improve sleep, and reduce pain – they have been able to help float centers attract clients that stay and positively change their life, driving increased float center profitability as well as true client transformation.
  11. Gym Pillars
    Forged by CEO George Liu in a classically entrepreneurial moment of faith and risk in 2020, Gym Pillars has found tremendous, high-integrity success in helping gym owners and online trainers scale their impact through a performance-based win-win partnership that reduces risk and creates predictability in new member and training client enrollment. Leading by example in pursuing greatness over the constraints of fear, George Liu’s Gym Pillars has found wide appeal in an industry whose core ethos is finding the potency within.
  12. Megla Media
    Created by magnetic, ferociously committed serial entrepreneur and growth strategist Lawrence Parnis, Megla Media serves Dental Partners by getting them more high-value Invisalign and dental implant cases using a proprietary 10-Step Strategy that Lawrence has tested in over 20 industries with massive results. Firmly led by a combination of wits, high energy, emotional intelligence and hard work, Megla Media is noted consistently for being a high-integrity, invested growth partner for their dental clients.
  13. McMaster Digital
    Since 2017, Kara McMaster and her team of Marketing Gladiators have been working with realtors, developers, and brokerages to boost their businesses. The Nimble Agent was born from the need for simple, scalable marketing strategies for real estate agents who know how to convert, but fall down on allocating the time and effort needed to generate leads, a widespread industry problem. Leading from a place of deep service to ever-better solutions for their clients, Kara and The Nimble Agent team are always vigilant in improving the way they help realtors capture and close more appointments with their proprietary Nimble approach.
  14. Syntacz
    The brainchild of Dr’s. Keith Cronin and Connor Robertson, Syntacz is an exclusive agency that scales businesses through ad-free methods and is a leader in the space of organic outreach and prospecting. Using classic direct response marketing pushed through an omnichannel, comprehensive ecosystem of touchpoints, Robertson and Cronin created “the virtual equivalent of in-person business development for business owners. In lieu of conferences, trade shows, and in-person networking events, we have developed a way to meet, engage, and speak to your ideal customers without having to spend money on paid advertising.” Led by a vision of helping as many entrepreneurs reach their business dreams as they have capacity to serve, Cronin and Robertson have built a robust, reliable product and service that puts safe, sustainable, low-volatility business growth in the hands of their clients.

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