Top Tips for Choosing a Brand Name

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Finding a great brand name takes time, effort, and a little know-how. I’ve created a post that will show you some simple ways to do so.

Crowdsourcing A Brand Name

If you’re just beginning the process of creating a brand name, you may want to start with a naming contest as it is a great way to find an affordable and creative name.

Recently, we ran an identical naming contest on various crowdsourcing platforms including Ink and Key, Crowdspring, SquadHelp, and Naming Force to see who was able to deliver the best name possible.

This post will highlight:

The cost of various pricing tiers for each service.

The naming brief that was submitted.

The rating for each service.

The wedding names from each service.

In addition, I have included two tips for those of you who have not used or run a crowdsourcing contest before.

This is an extremely eye-opening experience, so it is recommended that you read through this experiment before you purchase a plan. If you want some more help here is a good guide on how to buy brand names.

Domains Don’t Matter

That isn’t quite true; however, you should not spend too much time finding the right domain. It is best to try and find a domain name that matches your brand name, but in some cases that is easier said than done.

It may be hard to believe but at the time of writing, all of the four domains throughout the world have already been registered, and this includes made-up words!

We took the time to look at every possible letter combination that one could think of for four-letter words, coming up with the grand total of 456,976 unique combinations, and not one of them was available. In case you’re wondering, there are no two- or three-letter words available either.

How To Choose A Name

Far too many businesses are limiting their options with a domain name. If there is one thing you really have to come to terms with, it is the fact that domains simply do not matter as much as they once did. In fact, your actual name is more important than having the same name for the domain. Take the time to choose a great name, and then find a similar domain or tweak one to make it fit with your brand.

Choose Valuable Letters

Many people struggle to find a memorable and high-value brand name. However, this is a process that does not have to be as difficult as so many people make it out to be. In fact, there is a simple trick to creating a valuable brand name.

When was the last time you played Scrabble? If it has been a while, open your Scrabble board game and look at those high-value Scrabble letters. Those with the most points in Scrabble are K, J, X, Q, and Z. These letters receive such a high point because they are seldom used in the English language and are much more valuable. This is why you want to use them in your brands.

Time Travel To The Fourth Grade

Many people who are creating a brand name will typically ask their family and friends for feedback. However, we want to go back to the early elementary years where we learned how to test for the use of a hypothesis. This is going to be one of the best ways to validate your new brand name.

Take the time and create two landing pages, switch out the brand names, and begin sending targeted traffic to the site through the use of Facebook ads. Do not rush to any conclusions. Compare the engagement metrics to understand how receptive your buyers were with each of the brand names.

There is no reason to spend a lot of money on this process; simply use a service like Fiverr to create two landing pages and different logos.

Can Artificial Intelligence Recognize It?

You may have noticed that voice searches are changing in the scope of keyword phrases on the Internet. While artificial intelligence may be smart, it does have the ability to misspell words. If your favorite voice recognition service misspells your brand name, it is safe to assume that a human being is going to misspell it as well. This is when you want to purchase any of the misspelled .com extensions and simply redirect them to your actual domain.

The Bar Test

This is going to expand upon spelling and pronunciation. The bar test is only done once you have compiled a short list of brand names.

You’re going to begin this test by walking into a noisy bar.

When an individual asks you what you do for a living, you will tell them the name of the company along with one sentence that describes what the company does. It should show the strength of the business – so should showcase quality, unbeatable prices, or a unique brand.

This is the essence of the bar test.

If they are unable to pronounce the name of the brand, where they keep asking how to spell it or how it relates to what you do, you have failed the test.

Throughout the past several years, we have revealed naming stories behind some of the largest tech companies found throughout the world in all different industries. Is actually quite fascinating to understand how these top brands caught on and what influenced their names. Look into companies like Instagram, Snapchat, and Uber for an extremely insightful look.

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