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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for hosting websites. The in-built features in WordPress make it easier to manage the website. In his era of mobile, if the page of the website gets loaded faster, then only it can be reflected in the Google rankings or else not.

The speed of the website not just affects the ranking but also affects the SEO and organic traffic. This will ultimately affect the conversion rate for the business. Thus, it is very crucial to keep up the speed of the website. Business owners tend to hire WordPress Developers to get their websites developed in WordPress to get the best results out of it.

WordPress Development company offers several plugins for WordPress Speed Optimization, but it does not always work for the business as those are not adequate as per the automated business processes. Thus, one switches to a manual method of optimizing the speed.

WordPress Development Services India makes sure that if the website is being run then it should earn a good amount of revenue. And they just do not rely on installing the plugins and then sit back and relax. In fact, they aim to increase the speed of loading your website to milliseconds.

Importance Of Optimizing The Speed Of The WordPress Website:

  • Better Google Ranking

When the loading time of the page reduces, the website automatically becomes faster, and the ranking improves simultaneously. And when the ranking of any website improves, so the number of visitors increases and when the number of visitors increases, the chance of business conversion also increases. Thus, having an optimized website is not a choice but a must thing to have.

  • Increase in the Number of Visitors

When the website takes time to load, the end-user loses their interest in a span of seconds and switches to some other website with a good speed. As per a study, 43% of the users lose their interest if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, it is very important to get a hold of customers so that they visit your page again and again and recommend the website to others. This helps in engaging the customers and reaching a wide range of customers.

  • Churning out Maximum Profit

The faster is the website, the more is the contribution to growing the business. Even a delay of one second can cost a company to lose approximately 7% of their business conversions. Hence, one can imagine how the delay per second will cost its business.

Best WordPress Speed Optimization Services To Speed Up The Website:

There are some service agencies for WordPress speed Optimization whose whole and sole purpose is to only speed up the websites. They look into the technical factors of the website and then configure the same accordingly which ultimately speeds up the website. Below given are the details of the same:

  • Fixmysite

As per them, speed is the core of any website and therefore they put in all efforts to run the website as fast as possible. They do not just make it fast, but also, simple, and sharp. Initially, they install a plugin that deals with technical competencies like minifying CSS/JavaScript/HTML, leverage the lazy loading images and browser caching.

 Once it is done, the technical team comes in, and they optimize the database, image, and content of the website. It also offers several other services along with speed optimization and these are stated as below:

  1. Compressing the image.
  2. Caching the website.

c.Optimizing the database.

d.Slow plugins to be avoided.

  1. Optimizing the WordPress themes
  2. Bad requests are cleared time-to-time.
  3. Lazy Load Images
  4. Refunds are guaranteed in case of dissatisfaction.

i.Migration service of the WordPress

  1. Support of WooCommerce
  • Online Media Masters

In almost all the website speed testing tools Pingdom, GTmetrix, there is one service that claims to have a 100% score and that is Online Media Masters. They particularly look into 18 different factors which are knowingly or unknowingly being faced by the organization and they possibly slow down the speed of your website. They offer the below-mentioned services as well:

  1. Cleaning the database
  2. Removing bloat.

c.Optimizing the Image.

d.Configuring cache Plugin.

  1. Selective plugin loading
  2. Tweaking the code.
  3. Hosting Migration
  4. Cloudflare and Stack path CDN

i.Bad bots are blocked.

  1. Optimization of WooCommerce
  • WP Buffs

WP Buffs basically refers to the team of experts who go through your website in detail, analyse the problems and then work on increasing the speed of your website. Once the actual problem is identified, the team starts resolving them which gradually increases the speed of the website. It comes with different features and functionalities which boosts the speed of the website.

They also have a dedicated team to monitor the website 24/7 and provide full support as and when required. They also give an extra layer of security to the website to block any outside factors from hindering the performance of the website. The other services offered by them are given below:

  1. Optimizing the device.
  2. Optimizing the image.

c.Lazy load image

d.Optimizing the experience on mobile.

  1. Minify CSS and JavaScript

f.CDN support.

  1. Reduce the response time of the server.
  2. Leverage browser caching.
  • Split Reef

It is one of the services which studies in detail the whole website, comes across the problems which are responsible for slowing down the speed and then overcoming those issues in a very strategic manner and ultimately helps the website to reach the potential level of its performance.

First, they check the best orientation of the codes of the website and then organize the code files accordingly. Then they optimize the images, use the performing fonts, correct and suitable plugins and similarly make some other changes to speed up the performance. Below are few other key services provided by them:

  1. Strategy to reduce spam.
  2. Regular maintenance and check-up

c.Using lightweight plugins.

d.Using performing fonts.

  1. Optimizing Image.
  2. Plugin Caching
  3. Pingbacks and Trackbacks are turned off.
  4. Using CSS sprites
  • WP Faster

It takes the necessary steps to scale up your website. They conduct multiple tests to ensure that speed is increasing constantly. One of the assuring features of WP Faster is that it claims a 100% cash refund in case they fail to improve the speed of your website which claims a 100% guarantee of their performance. The other services they offer are given below:

  1. Optimizing the image.
  2. Full Page Caching is implemented

c. The response time of the server is reduced.

d.Prioritizing the available content

  1. The hosting service is upgraded.
  2. Size requests will be minimum.
  3. Compression is enabled.
  4. Real-world performance


All the above-mentioned WordPress Speed Optimization services are the best service provider in the current market. Each of them characterizes themselves with some unique feature but aims at increasing the speed of the website only. So, one can go ahead with whichever service suits best to their business processes and budget. 

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