Transformative PR: Boost Your Market Share with Media Exposure from James Foo Torres

Former United States Air Force Radar Technician, James Foo Torres, founder of Imperium Authority.

Try a quick Google search for “how to promote my business online”. You’ll see scores of articles listing the top 8, 12, and up to 52 options you must be using to stay relevant in 2021.

Where do you even start?

In this fast-paced digital world, it’s tough to stand out from the crowd and carve out a spot in your industry. Between meeting new clients… traveling to expand your network…creating deliverables to keep the cash flowing, and a dozen other hats you’re wearing…where do you find the time to create content to increase your online presence?

James Foo Torres, Imperium Authority’s founder, has a simple solution to this problem.  His approach takes the stress out of boosting their authority, conversions, and sales.  

Through his extensive network, he lands placements in publications most people know and trust. Some of the publications that we consistently get entrepreneurs feature in are: Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Inc, USA Today, Yahoo!, Influencive, and many more. These featurettes expand their reach without needing fancy systems or complex marketing funnels.

This means they get to spend more time doing what they love — helping people reach their full potential.

Building Trust Post-Pandemic

The Puerto Rico-born entrepreneur spent four years as an Air Force Radar Technician. His service and background helped shape James’ unique outlook on life.

Imperium Authority’s mission is to help business experts expand their influence. Through trusted publications, they can instantly improve their reach and grow their audience.

After leaving the Air Force, James saw the devastating impact the global pandemic had. He decided he wanted to launch a business that could adapt to the needs of an ever-changing world.

After going under the wing of a few proven industry experts, he entered a crash course in PR. His mentorship helped him discover the PR channels that move the needle for clients. Then, he built an industry network to fast-track getting clients published.

A Mission to Amplify Business Leadership Voices

Since its launch, Imperium Authority has been securing clients and establishing its reputation.

Now, James’ focus is on scaling by bringing on new team members and following the guidance of his coaches. These changes are leading the agency to expand from an innovative start-up to a successful growth-stage business.

Yet, no matter its size, James’ goal is to support as many business experts as possible. His wish is to amplify their voices to help lead to real change in the quality of life in Puerto Rico and beyond.

Speaking on the success of the company, James added,“Since our launch, it has been an incredible opening for Imperium Authority, and I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved since we opened our doors.

Since the start, I have devoted myself to the business, and at the beginning, I was working 80 hour weeks in order to succeed. Thankfully, since then, I have been able to scale the business, and as word of our unique approach has spread, we have been able to welcome several regular clients.

I know how tough it can be for businesses to stand out from the crowd and increase their reach. That is why I have developed an innovative approach designed to help them grow both their online and physical presence, driving more potential customers towards their company. We do not just focus on increasing their brand presence, though. We also help them to maximize their conversions, allowing them to boost their profits in the process.”

James has helped several startups and large brands expand their businesses through Imperium Authority. Going forward he wants to educate and assist businesses to focus on increasing their authority and will use his PR expertise to do so. He has an active presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where he interacts with his audience.

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