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The epidemic of the COVID-19 has presented as a grim and complex situation, causing great impact on economy and society, and seriously interfering with ordinary medical practice, threatening to exceed healthcare capacity in many countries over the globe.

However, along with this unparalleled time challenges, came great opportunities for changes and improvements, for innovations and creative solutions, we all are trying to get over this situation and exploring ourselves while we are confined to the four walls of our house. Many artists have responded to this challenge with the kind of ingenuity you’d expect from highly creative minds.

The arts help people to cope in dark times – even during a pandemic that prevents us experiencing art and culture alongside others in the same physical spaces. Many artists have started teaching globally. Among them, a young and passionate artist, singe rand producer Swapnali Gaikwad is from Latur, Maharashtra did not put her guard down. Proclaimed to be a singing prodigy, Swapnali is currently her graduation in classical singing from Vishwa-shanti Sangeet Academy at MIT ADT University, Pune.

Swapnali took upon her classical music journey under the supervision of her mentor Shri Adinath Mangeshkar ji. With lockdown unexpectedly falling in, every was worried about their work and jobs and time, how will they overcome this where Swapnali took it as a prominent and fortuitous contingency and started giving out classical music lessons globally. She started being active on social media and once she was Manu scripting through the feed and on the spur of moment, she got a significance of taking classes on global platform.

She is giving classes to national and international students both and transfusing the calibration of Hindustani Classical Music. Swapnali says she’s learned that while there are some drawbacks to interacting with her students online, she’s mostly found the experience to be really positive.

“Working with somebody online is really focused,” she says. “I can see everything that they’re doing because they’re right in front of my face, and I can’t get distracted, and they can’t either. So, every minute is accounted for.”

In pandemic situation everyone is just away from their love ones, I totally perceive that how does run hand over to be Hermite, depressed, anxiety. She says “Music is a pellucid cure for all problems of life and it succors you to meet the god.” This young woman hails from a rural area called Marathwada, left no stone unturned in terms of creating ways to project her talent to the world, withstanding all the obvious urban competition.

By seeking inspiration from her parents who are government teacher. Swapnali believes she ingurgitated the teaching from her parents. Initially, she started out with a bunch of students and use craft and experience in classical singing and instilled it in her tutoring. She conformed a sound network with the help of advertisements and her skills from vivid countries.

Swapnali says “she is just not injecting the music in her students but relieving the pandemic stress they’re bound to face. She says, her music also acts as a medium to healthy lifestyle, sound mental and physical health as her course includes various breathing exercises. Her students are in the age range from 5-years-old, who are developing their cognitive abilities; to those citizens, aged 60, who want to sustain the same.

Swapnali brings in almost more than 1 lakh per month. With the help funds she helped in many PM funds, corona crisis donation camps and helped a lot of stray animals. She donates 50 percent of her earning.

Like any rational artists trying to breakout, Swapnali had her share of failures up her sleeves as well but whimsically did that stop her, slowly she was dazed by the reception and gratifyingly curve-balled with foreigner’s fascination towards Indian classical music, she contrived a prodigious portrait of Hindustani classical music globally. Recently, Swapnali along with Mr. Anand Gaikwad, released their first single called “Shivai” based on the great warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on the occasion of Shivaji Jayanti.

Under the banner of SK vision, the song created a buzz among Shivaji’s devotees as well as youngsters and working on tons of songs. She further qoutes “Art is universe and it is in our mind, just explore yourselves.”

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