TwizzyTwitch, His Single ‘Crack Music’ & More

Twizzytwitch has a strong presence in his records. Utilizing various flows to deliver powerfully embedded messages, the Gordon Glass co-star outshines his competitors. At times, he’s transparent about occurrences and other situations in his life. During others, the California-based creative leaves listeners with words to live by. He bounces between clever punchlines and story-telling yet animated deliveries. Moreover, Twizzytwitch’s experimental style draws in a mass of fans.

Just give his project Final Semester a spin, and you’ll hear for yourself. This project amassed over 100,000 streams. In a word, Final Semester explores real-life events that took place during his last year in college.

Twizzytwitch’s honest pen game has scored him opportunities to work alongside Dreamville’s Cozz, Pnb Rock, JAG, and more. Recently, he’s collaborated with Denver’s artists “Trev Rich, Famous Dex, Symba, Jhonni Blaze, JAG, and Buddy, to name a few.

Though he hasn’t dropped a song yet this year, fans are still bumping his smash hit, “Crack Music.” Over the boom-bap offering, the Make A Play collaborator speaks on the sad truth that comes with being in the streets. He also reflects on what he’s witnessed at a young age.

He spits, “At 15, I seen more deaths than a corner/ I’ve seen n*ggas locked up more than Trump chasing after foreigners.“

Afterward, Twizzytwitch calls out the phonies, saying that he sees through them. He can tell the difference between a real one and a bluffer.

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