Types of Laptops: A Maze of its Own

A laptop is no different from a house. You store the most important information and memories inside a laptop. All the folders are like rooms of a house, and with each, there are millions of bytes of information. So, choosing a laptop is serious business. It should fit in with your needs and requirements and facilitate you with all your tasks.

Size and looks aren’t all that matter; storage capacity, battery life, processing speed etc. Making an informed choice is important. We have curated this article with the intent to inform you of the best laptop brands in India to buy in 2021. Lend us your ears!

Entry Level

Entry-level laptops are for all your basic requirements. They are affordable, relatively low-powered and capable of decent performance. If web-surfing, emailing, storing photos, and some word processing is all you need, this is the right choice for you.

They can handle video streaming and are most suitable for casual usage or for young adults that are just discovering the world of computers. These are lighter, have a lower RAM, and have a low-performance graphics card, so not advisable for gaming or heavy software.

If your requirements aren’t many, save up on cash and go for an entry-level laptop. There are different types of laptop names in the same company, and therefore people get confused a lot of the time, but usually, people know what they buy at the end of the day.


The words ‘notebook and ‘laptop’ are used interchangeably. Typically a notebook weighs around 2-4 kg and must be portable. They are also called garden – variety laptops. The size of the screen can range from 13 to 16 inches. They have their own sound cards and can be used for gaming as well.

From low to high performance, one can find the perfect price range for themselves. They vary in overall processor speed. Storage capacity and memory which is the RAM. These are excellent for gaming. If you want a high – performance laptop that even looks good, this is the right choice for you. If you are looking for laptops under 40,000 , this is the one for you.


Ultrabook is a high-end laptop. Intel coined this term for a laptop with an ultra-speed, hence the term Ultrabook. They have a very strong security system, with in-built security features all the way to the hardware level, like the anti-theft protection. They have high battery life and in-built chipsets.

They possess powerful hardware and are backed by Inter Core Processors. They are easily transportable. So, if you need to travel a lot and want your laptop to work at par with you, backed with the trusted Intel security, this is the right choice for you.


This is the good-looking, slim model you always dreamed about. These are designed to be ultra-light and for providing maximum mobility. Some of the smaller laptops of this kind weigh around one kg. Since they are made to be portable, external connection points are also lesser in number.

Most of these are wireless and have an internal optical drive. Since they are small laptops, the keyboards and batteries are also smaller and lighter. As a result, they may have a lower battery life than other types of laptops. For the travel enthusiast or for someone with a hectic life, this is the one for you.


All those laptops with a Linux-based operating system are Chromebooks. They work extremely well with data processing and web applications. They save a lot of memory as data as instead of saving data on the laptop itself, they use Cloud technology. They are popular among school kids, and some cooperate as well.

This handles light computing like net surfing, video streaming and mobile games. They are easy to use with minimal configurations from the user’s side. Apps can be downloaded directly from the Chrome Web Store. Some newer models support Android as well. For more fun and faster outlook, go for the Chromebook


All those apple enthusiasts who swear by any Apple product are not wrong about the MacBook. It offers high-level security, high performance and high storage. MacBook caters to all kinds of needs. For using heavier applications and hardcore gaming, go for MacBook Pro. For easier day to day tasks, go for MacBook Air. MacBook can be connected with any other apple product and can be used conveniently.

Most earlier versions run on Intel processors, but newer versions have the Apple M1 chip. This boosts performance and storage. Those who can dish out some extra cash and into high performance should go for this.

Reasonable Laptops for Work Purposes

Many people are fed up with their laptops hanging in the mid-way of a conference or an important work they are doing. This usually occurs because of the laptop not being suitable to run so many programs at one go, and usually, good laptops cost a lot.

But here we bring to your laptops, which can give you excellent results and be within your budget. The first is the Lenovo idea pad S145 which is completely full of amazing features, and the only work it does is run as fast as it can without giving you any trouble available in various colours. The RAM is 4GB DDR4 which is very fast as compared to the other laptops. Also, it can be availed by the option of EMI, which makes it one of the best in the market right now.

1. Dell Inspiron5570

This is another work of creation wherein the performance is extremely smooth, and the huge amount of storage makes sure that no hard drives are needed to store your data. The lag one gets to face in other laptops is missing making it a good choice for the people who do have a lot of work.

The model offers many features, and with that, one can also choose from the colours available in the said series. The operating systems boast windows 10, and the Storage is around 512GBHDD, making it the best choice under 50,000.

2. Asus vivo book core 8th Gen

The brand is not very common. However, this laptop is very fast and extremely light, making it one of the best choices for students. These days, students attend their classes and tuition from home due to the ongoing pandemic and therefore require a laptop that can be of good performance and easy to carry anywhere they go.

Moreover, with a screen of 15.6 inches, the student can properly see the screen while working and at the same time work from anywhere without feeling the weight of the laptop at all.

3. HP 15 Core 8th Gen

HP laptops have always been on the favourites list both in students and people working in the offices. This brand has evolved over the years, focusing on every aspect and making it better for the user. In this specific laptop, the user gets around 1TB of storage with 4GB DDR4 ram making it a favourite for heavy use and a low budget. The EMI options make it very easy to be purchased, and people usually go to the brand not because it is popular but because of the quality, they provide.

4. Dell Vostro 8th Gen

Being another famous brand, one would usually see these laptops in the offices as considered the best option. However, with each and everything beautifully placed and a lot of thought being put into the making, the main reason why these laptops are such a craze is that they cater to everyone’s needs. And this is what makes it one of the best choices for laptops under 50,000 INR.

Apart from the brands, different types of laptops  are segregated based on their performance, which happens without looking at their brands. First, we spoke about the entry-level laptops, which could have features like being light or stylish, and such laptops cannot take a lot of workloads.

Then comes the mid-range laptops, which students or small business owners use in their houses, wherein they can run almost everything except high-end programs and big software. The last category is the high-end laptops which usually cost more but give a lot of power as the processor is extremely fast and powerful. These laptops are used by professionals and gamers who only have to use big software’s and programs.

The first thing anyone looks at before buying a laptop is the CPU which determines how the laptop will work. The new generation ones are usually very fast but consume a lot of battery on the other hand. The other things then consist of RAM, screen quality, battery life, storage space are some other features are looked upon when a person goes to buy a laptop.

All these are basic functions of a laptop that everyone needs, and the types of laptop are a lot. Apart from this a lot of things could be kept in mind while buying a laptop. All in all, every laptop cannot have every feature, and therefore people buy the one which suits their needs better.

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