The Undeniable Power of Mentors and Coaches

We’ve all heard the saying it’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame.

That couldn’t be more true when it comes to accelerating your business, creating momentum, breaking negative programming and limiting beliefs. I went through depression, and I couldn’t determine which way was up.

Luckily for me, I surrounded myself with people who are great inspirations and have such a beautiful perception on life. People who have reached seven figures and are living with gratitude and peace.  These are the types of people I wanted to have in my life.Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and your favorite celebrity (input name here), have had mentors and coaches along the way to help them get where they want to be.

 Asking for help can sustain your strength and complement areas that need improvement.  We don’t have weaknesses, we have who we are and who we are not.  We have areas of improvement, and as long as we stay growing and learning, we can always improve our best.

The beauty of mentorship is that it can be online and offline.  We get the opportunity to utilize an unlimited amount of mentors these days because so many lifestyle entrepreneurs and power influencers have podcasts and programming that allows us to learn from their experience.  One of my favorite mentors—whom I have never met, but I follow him on all social channels—is Pat Flynn.  

Pat has a podcast that is strictly Q&A called AskPat.  Talk about value! Everyday people like you and me go to Mr. Flynn to help them with their brands and their challenges.  

Another amazing individual who I love to follow is Lewis Howes because he too is an amazing online mentor. His platform is called the School of Greatnessand that is exactly what it is. He brings on some of the biggest influencers. Guest appearances have included Tony Robbins, Daymond John, of Shark Tank and Fubu, Rob Dyrdek, Amy Purdy, just to name a few.  His platform focuses on studying success by interviewing the successful—asking them questions about greatness and how to achieve that. Absolutely remarkable!

One of my other favorite podcast programs is put on by Jaime Masters aka Jaime Tardy called the Eventual Millionaire. With the same type of format, focus and same type of energy, Jaime’s show is still completely different. She brings on millionaires to discuss lessons on failure, tips, stories and strategies on success and ways to take your brand to the next level.

So in my opinion, it’s a no-brainer to follow these individuals. But if I were you, I wouldn’t stop at listening and tuning in. I think we owe it to ourselves to hire professional development trainers and coaches that will work with us one-on-one also. Reason being, support is best nurtured at the individual level, which is all the more powerful for us.

I’ve learned over time that the leaders are the readers.  

The individuals who want to live life on their own terms are the ones who study and are not afraid to intern. We all have to grow and build from somewhere. No matter what level you’re on—just like the game of Mario—there’s always another level to reach.  And as you already know, you have greatness within you! So a quality-proven coach with a track record for success can help you amplify, quantify, and optimize that genius you carry within.  

As we continue to build our brands we can even have different coaches for different “departments.”  For example, we could have someone who is system and analytically driven to help us with operations. Subsequently, we could bring on a life or business coach to help us with nutrition, mental states and motivation, sales, and the list goes on.

Recently, I went through some extremely tough hurdles myself. Depression. Anxiety. Limiting beliefs—even bouncing back from informal bankruptcy—all because of negative programming from my past that I allowed to impact my well-being. I would read books like Think & Grow Rich, The Secret, etc., and would write down my goals, concentrating on what I wanted. However, I found this wasn’t enough.

I would then talk to one of the negative members in my circle, whether that be friends or family, and immediately feel as if I was not worthy enough to accomplish these goals.  And what I have found is that birds of a feather fly high together, so if we are choosing to live an inspired life, we owe it to ourselves to find others who have gone before us. Individuals who have gone through some of the same experiences and can guide us through the dark tunnels.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my life and the business coaches I’ve hired. They’ve been loving, passionate, driven, knowledgeable and we’ve become very close.  So I highly recommend you consider the opportunity.

What I found is that relationships are the key to everything. People want to support people they know like and trust.  People also buy from people with the same three contingencies, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.  By utilizing a life or business coach that can additionally open up doors to their network, tools and resources.   Talk about the win-win-win.  

Some of the best coaches on the planet have shared the most valuable nuggets on and off-line. Tony Robbins says that “the most valuable resources on the planet are mental states.” That simple quote has given me such a breakthrough!  Because if we decide to get to our dreams, we should focus on improving and sustaining a positive mental state.  That way we can always serve and perform at a peak level. I think that we all deserve this opportunity to live a life of enjoyment and purpose-driven fulfillment.

Does It Make Sense to Hire a Coach?

It all depends on how you view success. Are you paying a fee for your success, or are you investing in your dreams? Only you can decide if it makes sense to hire a coach to help you accelerate.  Speaking from experience, I can only share with you that my coach—and all of the coaches who don’t even know they are coaching me—have done wonders for my career.

I look forward to what the future holds for you and I.  I can only hope that I have the same impact on the world that these coaches have had on me. After serving and working at the University of Phoenix—helping a student graduate—words cannot describe the way it feels to help someone else reach their dream and overcome their biggest challenges and fears.  

My friend, it is a privilege and an honor to serve you. I love you and wish you all the best.  I hope you align with these philosophies on what can help you change your life for the better. And I’m excited to watch you do just that. With all the grace in the world, may you continue to serve, let your light shine and live a long an inspired lifestyle!

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