Are You Using Protection This Weekend? Here’s Why You Should Be

I’m sure by now you’ve had a few experiences where you are holding your phone and it magically decides to jump out of your hands. You know and fall on the floor or concrete sidewalk. Sometimes your phone makes it out alive, and other times the phone is damaged. Now, what do you do when it’s damaged?

You research online how much it’s going to cost to repair your phone. Most times you will find that it is not cheap. Hovering in the ballpark sometimes around the $100-$200 range. Often times, making it cheaper to just buy a new phone over repairing it.

Well, we’ve found a solution that will solve this problem for other phone breakers like ourselves.

We recently came across a startup called Protection that is making it easier and more affordable for consumers with a broken Iphone or Ipad to get it repaired. You can protect your phone or tablet for as low as $4.99/mth, giving you a peace of mind that if you get a little wild on Saturday night and the phone decides to take a swim, you have a solution.

No more fumbling around finding if your phone is still covered under warranty or not. With Protection they will help offset the cost of repairs for your device by covering 50% of the repair bill. All you do is sign up for their service, pay to get your phone fixed at a partner store, and then submit a claim with a photo of your receipt. They then pay you directly through Paypal.

The added bonus that’s really convenient is the fact that they have partner stores all across the US. Check out their coverage map here to see where the nearest partner store is. They also allow you to bring your device to an Apple Store to get repaired if a partner store isn’t close by.

Remember that time when you broke your Nintendo 64 and had to ship it back to the manufacturer, and didn’t end up getting it back for another 2 months? Well, with Protection that won’t happen because they utilize any repair shop in the US. Getting you your phone back in a few hours, rather than a few months.

Usman Majeed the co-founder of Protection had this to say:

“We had customers complaining that they were previously paying $10 or more per month with their carriers and $200 for a deductible if they damaged their device. Many people don’t even know how much they are currently paying for phone insurance.”

You’ve heard this before but it’s the truth. We literally have our phones attached to us or near us at all times. Some of us sleep with it, wake up looking at it, and other times working from it. Smartphones are a huge part of every person and household. This is definitely not going away.

If smartphones and tablets aren’t going away, and we use them constantly. It makes sense to protect them using Protection because accidents happen. At a recent business meeting, we actually had a friend that just broke his phone 5 minutes before our meeting. I bet if he would have been using Protection’s services he wouldn’t have been in such a bad mood.

It’s inevitable; we’re going to make mistakes and we’re going to damage our phones. Now that we came across Protection we have another option rather than just hoping and wishing the damages to our phone aren’t expense. Most times they are, though.

Instead of chancing it with our phones, I think it’s time we all start using Protection. Check them out on Product Hunt.


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