Varun Joshi – If you see Dreams, You can Also Achieve it.

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A man with a dream Varun Joshi,who is a BTECH grad in electronics instrumentation engineering from A.I.E.T, lucknow has now turned into a successful actor in the Bollywood industry of tv serials and movies.

He started his career in engineering after his high school and persued it within the years and started working in HCL,DELL and many more companies and his last job as a team leader in tech Mahindra ,Noida.though he worked as a engineer still his mind was somewhere else wanting to achieve something big as it was his childhood drea to become an actor.

Varun used to participate in dancing competitions and was also doing some acting in college and engineering is the people
who saw the energy and the enthusiasm in him and motivated him to take a step into acting and achieve what he always wanted but he was obstructed by his parents who always wanted him to get a job after graduating.

He left tech Mahindra in 2017 and started persuing his dream to become an actor.the first thing he did is to become a DJ artist
because he thought to become a model he should be an DJ artist first.he did not had any idea what to do and neither he had any
connections in the Bollywood industry who could coop up and help him with his dream. He was all by his own.

Later he started photoshoots and modelling throughout and become the winner of Mr Elite north india 2017(1st runner up) and Mr Delhi
2017(1st runner up) where he went popular and people talked about him and later ought to know him by his work.he was very elated and

From modelling and photoshoots,he got selected in auditions for tv serials where he was known for his roles in Bepannah, Yeh Hai
Mohabbatein, Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran, Kumkum Bhagya, Roop- Mard Ka Naya Swaroop and a web series for Ullu Oiginals, “Dubeyji& the Boys”.

He was also recently seen in sony TV’s vighnaharta Ganesha as a negative lead and was appreciated with the marvelous
acting and in Disney+ hotstar web series TATOO MURDERS with the cast Meera Chopra and Tanuj Virwani.

Varun says;

“ if you work hard with all the passion and positive energy, god is there to help you in every step in achieving your dreams and goals”.

He never lost hope and the passion to work hard for his childhood dream.yes,it was difficult but not Impossible for him.he stood by the
challenges the life gave him like a man and faced it with confidence and made it possible.
Varun’s mindset and decision making changed his life forever.

There are few things he wanted to convey to the people out there with dreams and hope. They are: Hard work is working rigorously for achieving something big. The term rigorously means to work beyond your potentials or to work with increased strength.

Dedication is a kind of activity which needs to be practice in background of our minds so as to prevent distractions & increase concentration for the fulfillment of desired goals. Patience is to keep calm after a defeat or no. of defeats or failures and again working hard to earn the desires.

Positivity is a state of mind which always keeps us charged and motivated. This is the illusionary state of our mind which is just
based on the hope of the best. This is so powerful, if practiced with dedication then It turns Hopes into Achievements.

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