Vicky Mayo Shares How Hardwork and Positivity Helped Him Be on Top

Vicky Mayo dropped out of college in the early stages of his passion for the Internet.

In the last few decades, with the increased usage of the Internet worldwide, there has been a tremendous growth of the digital media industry.

Pakistan has transformed itself into a digital marketplace. In this digital era, social media has opened doors for many individuals and organizations. One of the exceptional names in the digital marketing world, Vicky Mayo is doing well in the digital media field and is helping many businesses grow on the internet with his digital marketing agency – Realist Media.

The youngsters of Vicky’s age are busy enjoying late-night parties; he is living by his dreams, hustling day and night to chase his goals.

Today, Vicky Mayo is a leading name in Pakistan’s Digital Marketing Industry and is often called as ‘Digital King’. Vicky used his business skills intelligence, skills & talent to excel as an entrepreneur at this young age of 30. Till now, he has worked for more than 4500 clients all around the globe.

Vicky is helping many small-scale companies & small artists in the online world with his out-of-box unique digital campaigns. Mr. Mayo has also worked for many artists, influencers & even politicians across the country and also overseas. He helped them with his creative social media campaigns and thus doubled their online presence in a short period. Mr. Mayo regularly does gymming and swimming to stay fit and keep his body in shape as he is very much conscious about his health and fitness.

Since Vicky Mayo dropped out of college in the early stages of his passion for the Internet, it was a very difficult phase of his life as it took more than words to convince his parents. But Later on, things started to fall in the right places as he became a leading Serial Entrepreneur of Pakistan.

Truly, Vicky Mayo is a source of inspiration for the youth of his nation. The way he is hustling his day and night for his dreams is something really idol for all youngsters all around the world.


Written by Genxee

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