Want to Be More Driven at Work and in Life? Use These Self-Motivation Techniques

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While some people are naturally driven to accomplish their goals, not everybody is as motivated. Although it isn’t always easy, getting motivated can push you forward and help you advance in the world. That’s why it helps to have some go-to strategies for giving yourself a boost of confidence and energy.

As successful business leaders, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have learned and developed some effective self-motivation techniques to kickstart their drive and passion. Below, they share these techniques and describe how they can help you excel in your career and life.

Q. How can someone become a more driven person? What’s one unique technique they can use to self-motivate and find the drive to excel in their career and life?

1. Find Out What You Really Like

Find out what it is that you really like and are passionate about. There is nothing more motivating than what makes us happy, but it is necessary to self-reflect and know yourself. Perhaps you are in a comfort zone and you must set yourself new challenges and goals that have the purpose of achieving what makes you happy. Don’t forget that every little step builds the big picture you dream of. – Kevin Ryan Tao, NeuEve

2. Visualize Yourself Being Productive

Study the latest in neuroplasticity research to create positive productivity habits and break unproductivity. One technique for reinforcing productivity is to speak to yourself in the second or third person and visualize yourself being productive before any project, such as writing or client work. These visualizations ease the actual process itself, helping to increase productivity and reduce stress. – Ron Lieback, ContentMender

3. Listen to Podcasts and Books by Highly Successful People

Podcasts and books by highly successful people can be very motivating. These driven people don’t need to be in your industry, per se. You can find vast amounts of motivation from a podcast with an ultra-marathon runner or by reading a book by a world-renowned chef. Ambition can be translated across all industries. These mediums have been a way for me to find entrepreneurial motivation within myself. – Shane Edgell, EdgellBIM

4. Slow Down and Pay Attention

If you want to be more “driven,” you need to be able to find your “drive.” When you are scattered and unfocused on what you truly want to accomplish, you need to slow down and pay attention to what occupies your thoughts. I do this through meditation. Develop your attention to certain goals then make plans to attain them. – Matthew Capala, Alphametic

5. Remind Yourself How You’re Contributing to Your Goals

Find ways to remind yourself how each task, no matter how small, contributes to your long-term goals. A fitness coach will have clients focus on goals such as weight loss or getting stronger. It’s the same with growing your business or completing projects. Keep in mind that big accomplishments come about by completing lots of small goals every day. – Kalin Kassabov, ProTexting

6. Do Things That Fuel Your Passion

I believe the best way to find your drive is to do things that fuel your passion. In other words, if you feel like you’re working at a dead-end job or are not appreciated by your superiors, you’re going to have a tough time becoming a driven person. In order to succeed, find what makes you happy and chase it with everything you’ve got. – John Brackett, Smash Balloon LLC

7. Get Organized

Getting organized is a great way to get motivated because it will be easier to complete everything on that to-do list. Knowing what you need to do, with deadlines, will help you stay focused and on track. – Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Marquet Media, LLC

8. Write Down Broad Goals for the Future

If you want to find your drive, I suggest spending some time writing down your broad goals for the future. Now, break each of those large goals into smaller, more manageable chunks. This strategy can help you figure out what you want to do and how you’ll get there, which you need to know if you hope to become more driven. – John Turner, SeedProd LLC

9. Feed Your Mind

Self-motivation comes from what you constantly feed your mind and what you surround yourself with. If you continuously listen, watch, and learn motivational and inspirational content all day long, then you’ll be motivated. If you surround yourself with high-level individuals who continuously strive for greatness, then you’ll be inspired to simply do more. – Fritz Colcol, Simply Thalia

10. Seek Out Peer-to-Peer Accountability

Look for someone you trust who can help you out in achieving your goals in life. We often tend to be bored, feel like a failure, or experience disappointment, but with the right person who will make us accountable for whatever we do, we will hesitate to do so. This person will hold you accountable for your own timeline and decisions in life, so they should see you weekly as well. – Daisy Jing, Banish

11. Focus on the Short Term

Focusing on the long term can be overwhelming to many people. You don’t have to fulfill your 10-year plan today, so stop stressing about it. Instead, think about what you’re going to accomplish in the next month, quarter, six months, or year. Making smaller short-term goals that you feel good about achieving can keep you motivated to eventually reach the bigger long-term goals. – Jonathan Prichard, MattressInsider.com

12. Think About the Impact of Your Work

The only way I know to be driven in my business — and stay that way — is to think about the impact of our work on our customers. Your job, hobby, or business will always have a strong effect on people. Look closely at how you’re helping others. When you realize you’re changing lives and creating positive effects, you’ll feel driven and self-motivated. – Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs. YEC members represent nearly every industry, generate billions of dollars in revenue each year, and have created tens of thousands of jobs. Learn more at yec.co.

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