Want to become Insta Famous? Learn From the Best

Instagram is the boss battle of social media. The ultimate destination for aspiring influencers hoping to find gold on the behemoth social media site. So much of becoming Insta famous isn’t about luck- it’s about desire, drive, and dedicated hard work. 

Before you get the ball rolling, you will need to make the initial investment. Here is the best-kept secret in the Instagram influencing world: Everyone is paying for follows, likes, and views. The reason everyone makes this decision, especially when they’re first starting out, is because it helps boost you into gaining an organic following. First, you buy likes, buy Instagram video views, buy followers, etc. then suddenly, you start showing up on explore pages. The algorithm boosts you in news feeds. Then, suddenly, you’ll realize that your profile is totally taking off. Most influencers start off using Leoboost, a likes-selling service with tons of options because they offer instant results from real Instagram accounts. 

After that first step, there are several things that you can do to help put you on the path to the end game that you want: Instagram fame and the elusive title of Influencer.

Be Yourself

This isn’t just advice you get from your parents before your first day of school, this is life advice. And when it comes to your Instagram account, this is the golden rule. Users and potential new followers can tell when you are being ingenuine. Just think, how many times have you scrolled through your feed and labeled your acquaintances’ posts as being “fake”. It’s easy to spot and more importantly, it can leave your chances of becoming Instagram famous dead on arrival. One of the best ways to do this when building your profile is that quality matters more than quantity. One authentic and genuine post is worth loads more than a handful of hastily thrown together posts. Don’t try to be anyone else. 

Confidence is Key

Know who you are. If you’re trying to be someone other than your true self, why shouldn’t your followers follow that other person instead of you? Your voice is important while on the Yellow Brick Road to Instagram fame. Make sure your captions speak with confident language and avoid sounding unsure of yourself at all costs. You are your own metric. There is no point in comparing yourself to others as this will only slow you down. Focus on yourself and how you can improve; don’t worry yourself with what others are doing. Think about all the successful health and wellness accounts on Instagram. While this may not be the type of account that you’re looking to build, they can teach us some valuable lessons. The owners of these accounts didn’t get to the places they are today by lying. If they struggle with something, they are honest and open about it. Honesty is an extremely attractive quality, and users can spot it from a mile away. It can be tempting to try to adopt a voice that you feel will be successful, but if it isn’t yours, it isn’t worth it!

Know Your Audience

No one can reach Instagram fame without the loyal support of a strong follower base. It is important to cater to your audience. When posting your content, take not on what kinds of posts are getting the most attention from your users. Take note of this and use it as a valuable learning lesson. Once you know what your users like, you can focus your content more heavily in these areas. This will help to ensure that the followers you have stick around, and it will increase the chances of you gaining new ones. Whenever you establish your target audience and establish how to post accordingly, you are one step closer to Instagram fame! Users appreciate following accounts that they feel understand them, so work to be one of them. 

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

No famous Instagrammer got there on their own. Carefully considered collaboration is an essential step to ensuring your Instagram legacy. Sure, reaching out to Adidas or Oprah as your first target may not be the smartest approach, but if you can form partnerships or gain endorsements from an assortment of smaller brands and influencers it will be a huge help. Remember that each of these relationships you form is going to be mutually beneficial. Not only will you gain exposure from a whole new area of followers, but so will the person you are partnering with. Never underestimate your own value as a resource for others: anyone you partner with will also gain views from your own follower base. And since we have already established the importance of being yourself, your users will trust the partnerships that you form. 

It’s the Look That Counts

This goes back to our discussion on quality over quantity. If you’re looking to become Instagram famous, you can’t afford to be posting less than stellar photos. Investing in a professional camera is a solid investment, as a high-resolution picture on your account is close to invaluable. Low-quality pictures are a sure sign that your account isn’t ready to take it to the next level, so be sure not to post them. Although a professional camera is a great tool for posting beautiful photos, it is not the end all be all. You can post incredible pictures using the camera on your phone. If you’re using your phone camera, be sure to do your research on how to properly adjust the camera settings in order to get the perfect shot that you’re looking for. Practice makes better so get out there and do some homework. Practice your photography skills so that you can be sure you’re ready to snag the perfect pic when the time comes.

Just Keep Going

As with most things in life, persistence is huge. Unless you’re the Walmart Yodeler (Mason Ramsey), one post isn’t going to garner you Instagram fame. Don’t get discouraged if you start to feel bogged down; that’s natural. Perseverance is what separates the A-list of Instagram from the accounts you’ll never hear about. If you don’t get as much activity on a post as you thought you should have, that’s okay, that’s life. The important thing is that you don’t give up. Not everything you post is going to break your record for your most liked post, especially not in the early stages. When in doubt, go back to another golden rule of Instagram fame, “if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

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