Web3 and Decentralized Education


NFTs opened up a new world of revenue streams for starving artists worldwide.  Blockchain technology provided them with a global audience and the ability to sell their content in new and unique ways. Art is just the tip of the iceberg. NFTs are taking over gaming, business ownership, profit sharing opportunities, and so much more. 

Education is potentially the next iteration of Web3. Worldwide teachers are undervalued and underpaid yet they are responsible for educating the world’s MVPs, our children.  Animoca Brands is a parent company of TinyTap, which is providing educators access to new funding opportunities and the ability to generate equity through blockchain technology.   

TinyTap’s Genesis Collection of Publisher NFTs succeeded in selling out at their first auction. On December 18th, they reached the top ten on OpenSea with 104.5ETH in volume after their second auction concluded totaling 240ETH for both auctions.

TinyCourses Publisher NFTs are a way to support education and combine academics with Web3. A Publisher NFT grants co-publishing rights to a TinyTap Course, which is a curated bundle of educational games made on the TinyTap platform by one educator in a specific subject. Holders of the Genesis collection essentially become “Co-Publishers” of the respective courses in conjunction with TinyTap and the course creator. By boosting user engagement, Publisher NFT holders share the value generated when a learner engages with that content.

Decentralized Education

As the concept of decentralization takes hold in so many industries, there is no reason for education to be left out. TinyTap is offering a way for funds to go to teachers instead of funneled through large educational institutions. TinyTap has a library with over 200,000 educational games centered around early childhood education, 100k teachers and experts, and millions of families playing to learn.  The app can be downloaded on the app store or google play.

Improving the Earning Opportunities of Teachers Worldwide

Teachers on TinyTap already earn income for producing content in a traditional Web2 framework. Animoca Brands has helped catapult them into Web3, significantly improving their earning opportunities.  

Participating teachers receive 50% of the net proceeds from the auction of the Publisher NFTs linked to their Courses and a 10% ongoing share of any revenue generated by the class. Buyers of Publisher NFTs are entitled to receive up to 80% of any revenue generated by their NFTs’ Courses as a result of their promotional efforts. In November 2022, the highest sale in the sold-out first auction went to Learn English with Gabi, generating US $37.6K, 13 times the average monthly salary for a teacher in Israel. 

Play-To-Learn with TinyTap

Publisher NFTs introduce groundbreaking utility for digital assets combined with education. Teachers may finally have a new way to monetize their talent for teaching and be recognized financially for the important work they do. Play-to-earn will likely take on a new meaning in Web3 as Play-to-learn becomes integrated into the vocabulary of students worldwide.

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